The Judgements

There were three judgements taking place in the garden. One was the examination of the Lord’s body by the Father to see if it was fit to be an offering for the sins of the world. His body had to be clean, without sin, without fault, without blame, without sickness or disease, without lust for this world. His mind had to be clean and free from all contamination from the desires and intrigues of this world. It could not be filled with worldly dreams and visions, fame or fortune. His heart had to be pure and wholly set upon the desires of the Father and the things of heaven. If any spot or blemish was found in Him He would have failed the test.

He did not! Praise God, He passed and was found worthy!

God’s lamb was ready for sacrifice. Eternal judgements were decreed. He was found to be eternally holy, eternally sinless, eternally faultless, eternally sanctified – no impure thing was found in Him. He was eternally healthy. His thoughts were pure, His heart was clean. He was and is and will always be the eternal Son of God and His eternal name would stand forever. He was found to be all that God is. He was judged King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He was decreed to be the Victor and all of creation in heaven, on earth and under the earth was placed under His feet. He is judge of all.

Then there was our judgment. We did not pass the test. We were found to be full of sin and deserving of death. No eternal life would be judged in our favour. We were guilty. Wrath and damnation was the judgement released upon us. No hope and no future. No joy, no peace, no health, no prosperity, no redemption. Our cup was vile and disgusting. The final and eternal decree from the court of heaven was DEATH. There was no other decree (judgement) that the Judge of the universe, the eternal Father, could make.

There was no other way. Our only hope was the intervention of the One who had been decreed righteous.

And being Who He is, the fulness of love and compassion and grace, there was no other way for Him either. Our redemption and salvation from the snare of death, meant more to Him than His own life. He would never have been able to live without us, for He is One with us. He came to die as our sacrifice. His blood for our lives. His body for our body, His soul for our soul and His spirit for our spirit. All of Him for all of us.

What a deal! What a covenant! And all we have to do is say, “Yes Lord!”

The last judgment was the devils. They were found eternally guilty and would never have any hope of salvation. Theirs would be the lake of fire from which there would never be a redemption. The blood that would redeem us would be the blood that condemned them. (Unfortunately, those who choose to serve Satan rather than Jesus Christ, partake in his judgment.)

When Jesus cried, “It is finished!” the eternal judgments of heaven were complete. All was said and done. The sentences had been carried out. Jesus suffered our punishment; we received His grace and mercy; Satan was defeated.

It is finished!

You have been declared righteous. You have been justified, forgiven, healed, delivered, saved, and every other great and precious promise that belonged to Jesus now became your promise too.

Forever He is worthy of honour, and praise, and glory!

Scripture Reference: Isaiah 55

Have a justified day 😊





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