The Knight!

What is your imagination of a “Knight in shining armour”? Have you ever daydreamed about being a knight or being rescued by a knight?

For women, their knight is usually a chivalrous man that comes to her aid in a time of need, and men dream of being a knight that conquers kingdoms and captures fair maidens in distress. But whatever your imagination, there is a knight spoken of in Scripture and He is the ultimate knight in shining armour.

Think about Jesus. Firstly, He is clothed in light. A light so brilliant that your natural eye could not behold Him as He is said to be brighter than the sun. Scripture tells us to put on the “armour of light” – that would be quite shiny – and to follow Him. Then in Revelation He is described as coming back riding a white horse with His army following Him into battle. So, here we have Jesus and His followers clothed in shining armour, riding out to do battle, to conquer the forces of darkness in one great swoop, and to bring its reign of terror to an end.

What does “put on the armour of light” mean? What does it look like and where do we wear it? God would not tell us to do something if He did not mean for us to do so. I think we all understand that this is not a physical coat of polished metal. If it is not physical, where is it? Is it in the realm of the spirit? No, in the spirit you are already light, just like Jesus, you shine. You cannot put on something that you already are.

So where do you “put on” this armour of light? In your soul. The soul is the realm of your thoughts, your emotions, your decision-making arena. It’s in the area of your thoughts that you need to “put on” this armour. This putting on is simply changing your thoughts to thoughts that align themselves with how the Lord thinks and to see things from His perspective and not from that of world or the kingdom of darkness.

When your thoughts are filled with indecent behaviour (strife, envy, jealousy towards others), the next drunken party or sexual escapade, etc., you have removed your armour and exposed yourself to attack. However, as you choose to think thoughts of righteousness, peace and joy IN THE HOLY GHOST (you can think good thoughts outside of Christ but still be in darkness) your mind becomes filled, or clothed, with light. This light is only found in the knowledge of the Son of God – in the mind of Christ.

When your thoughts are filled with praise, thanks and honour to God, you are putting on the armour of light. This light will protect you and bring the works of darkness to naught in your soul. When you begin walking in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, nothing will be able to defeat you. Every battle will be won. Every stronghold will be broken. Every high thing exalting itself against the knowledge of God will be brought into captivity.

Yes, in this world you will have problems. There will be battles, there are strongholds and things that oppose you, however, every one of these are fought and won in the arena of your own soul. It is here, in your mind, in your own private thoughts and emotions that you choose to set up the Lordship of Jesus. As you do the mysteries and the glories of Jesus Christ will flood your heart and soul and you will find that you have the power to calm your storms and establish the kingdom of heaven in your life.

Scripture References: Rom 13:12; Phil 2:15; Rev 6:2 and Chapter 19

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