The Little Things!

Have you ever paid attention to the “little” things in your life? Chances are you think about the big things, the big things that take up your time and attention, be they positive or negative. It’s the little things, the things we do without much thought though, that cause our success or downfall.

Scripture tells us that it’s the little foxes that destroy the vine. Little foxes look so adorable and harmless. In the same way, little thoughts and words look harmless and unimportant. Because we think and feel that these words and emotions are “harmless little nothings” that we tend to let them run rampant not realizing the havoc that they are causing.

Take condemnation for example. You tell a “little” lie and a “little” voice tells you, “You should not have lied.” You know that, and you know you should go and fix it, but then reason, “It was only a “little” lie, and besides, telling the truth will cause to many problems.” So, the lie is the little fox and the truth becomes the “big” fox. The big fox becomes your focus and the little fox cut you off from the Vine. Once you have settled the issue with the “big” fox (better not to tell the truth) and have decided to go with the “little” fox (after all little is not dangerous) that the real problem comes in – guilt and condemnation.

Once you have decided that you are going to protect the lie, poison begins to seep into your soul and guilt starts telling you that you have now blown it before God. How can you face God, knowing what you have done? How can you pray? How can you read the Word? How can you take authority against the devil? What kind of a Christian are you anyway? Shame on you! Slowly, condemnation takes hold of you and before long you become its slave, doing it bidding, which is to STAY AWAY FROM GOD!

But here’s the good news, the happy news, the glad tidings of the gospel. Jesus died for your sins, ALL of them! This does not mean sinning is right or okay, it is not, BUT Jesus overcame the “little” fox, the devil, and is waiting for you to just come on over to where He is so that the two of you can deal with the fox. You cannot do it on your own. You need Him. You need His love and forgiveness. You need His blood and His body. And He needs you to come! Unless you come, he cannot help you squash the devil like a bug!

Whatever you have done wrong, bring it to Him, and He will help you fix it. He delights in you and is always HAPPY to see you 😊 😊 😊!!!

Happy fox hunting! 😊





Scripture References: Song of Songs 2:15; Hebrews 9 – 10;

If you know someone that needs to slap a little fox, like comment and share. 😊


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