The Painter!

There was a painter who sat quietly meditating on his veranda one cool summers day. A gentle breeze blew past him cooling his skin from the warmth of the sun. A bird flew past and another whistled in the tree. The cat scurried after a bug and a butterfly settled on a white orchid under the oak tree.

All was well. All was beautiful.

As he beheld the beauty of the creation around him his canvas began to call. A smile came across his face. He was ready. He would paint …

Some time later his canvas had come alive with vision and beauty. He had captured his thoughts and successfully manifested them on his canvas. This one would be a treasure. This one is a delight. How pleased he was with his creation.

In the same way, the Father sits upon His throne beholding and thinking about the magnificent creation He calls YOU! A smile creeps over His face and His heart flutters with delight. He sits, contemplates, and then continues His work of perfection in You. YOU are His delight! You are His joy! When He is finished, all of creation will stare in wonder and awe at the magnificence of YOU.

Do not fear and do not lose hope. Your Father is not finished with you. Neither is He frustrated or impatient, for like a painter, He gives attention to detail. Nothing will be left undone. All will be completed. Forever, you will be His treasured masterpiece.

May the Father’s grace and peace flood your heart and soul.

Love always 💖





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