New Year is all about new plans, purposes, hopes, and dreams. We get excited to leave this year behind – and what a year it has been – in the hopes of a better year ahead. The Lord shared a beautiful thought with me concerning His plans which I would like to share with you as you enter 2021.

Many saints are familiar with the verse in Jeremiah 29:11 where the Lord says He knows the plans He has for us, plans to bless us, to give us a hope and a future. I want to draw your attention to the word “plans.”

God is not limited to one single plan for you. He has many plans concerning you. He is not stressed about the decisions you make or when you think you have made the wrong decision and messed up His plans. These plans could be related to your family, your job, your friends, etc.

God has many plans concerning you!

He is with you regardless of the decisions you make. He knows your decisions long before you make them and moulds His plans around those decisions. Once you decide something a plan is released, even if it is a bad one. It does not matter what plan you have made; He is able to work it out in your favour! He is still able to prosper you, to give you hope within your circumstance, and to bless your future – your way forward.

Often, we feel so guilty because of our mistakes, or wrong plans, that we think we are doomed. This is not true. I have made many decisions which I thought were good and then went sour. But regardless of those wrong decisions, I kept loving and worshipping the Lord and He has resolved every one of them in my favour – without detriment to those involved.

As you face 2021 know this, no decision you have made or circumstance you face, your Father has your life in His mind. He can see your future. He can see your success. He can see your way out, over, and above. There is no need to fear anything the future holds. Your Father’s plans are not just for here and now, but also for all eternity. Your future is filled with every good and perfect gift the Father has for you.

2021 will have plenty of challenges. There will be times of joyfulness and heartache but whatever time you find yourself in, it is in God’s time too. He is with you and for you.

I pray that 2021 will bring a manifold increase in the Revelation of Jesus Christ within you. He is your hope, He is your future, He is your Life! 😊

Cheers to 2020 👋🎇


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