The Suitcase!

Have you ever joked with a friend or family member to put you in their suitcase while they are preparing to go on leave? The desire to rest and relax, or even to run away and escape a situation, has befallen all of us.

In life we often face fight or flight circumstances. Life can be difficult, stressful and tiring which produces those deep desires to go on leave or throw our toys out of the cot. There is, however, a promise of rest that God gives to His beloved – and that is you!

Tests and trials will always be a part of our journey through this life but our reactions in the midst of them determine our outcome. Tests and trails can be burdensome and cause you to feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulders, but when you come to Jesus He said He would give you rest. (Mat 11:28)

Notice that Jesus never said He would take the burden (test or trial) away from you, but that He would give you rest. What does His rest mean or look like? Where do you find this rest and what does it look and feel like? And NO, it is not the rapture! I think we have all wished that the rapture would happen today so that we could just get out of here, but that is not God’s rest. 😊

Another mistake that is often made is that of thinking everything would be okay once our external circumstances change. Our external circumstances also have nothing to do with God’s rest. If it did we would all be on a permanent holiday, which nice as that may be, is not the way God designed life. Work and learning to deal with adverse circumstances are there to train us to rule and reign.

So where is this rest that the Lord promises us? It is in our minds. Stress and worries come from the things we constantly think about. The more anxious our thoughts are the more stressed out we become which results in depression, anger, sickness and disease. Jesus says DO NOT BE ANXIOUS about ANY THING! Yeah, that’s easier said than done! But the only way to overcome these adverse circumstances and events is to come into God’s rest.

God’s rest is found in the secret place, His dwelling place, which is in the center of your being. It is in this inward place where His thoughts abide, His Voice speaks, and His comfort is felt. When you enter this secret place and allow yourself to dwell there you will find a rest and a peace that passes understanding. Suddenly your problems are no longer as big as you think they are. Impossible things suddenly seem possible and you begin to relax. The longer you stay there in His presence the happier you get and before long your circumstances come under your control and begin to change.

So, today, I encourage you to take all your stressful and anxious thoughts, pack them into a “suitcase” and take them on holiday. Refuse to allow them to work on your emotions. Make them take a break and do not let them return until they are well rested and come back fully rejuvenated and in sync with the Holy Spirit. Take some “time out” with Jesus.

Have a break 😊






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