The Unknown!

How many times have you uttered the phrase, “I don’t know!” in your life? Whether it has to do with people, places, and things, there is an infinite world that we do not know. The glory in the words ‘I don’t know’ is that there is something new to learn, to experience, to take hold of. Life is full of mystery and being in a place where you don’t know something does not make you “less” than the person that does!

God designed you and the world you live in to be a continual experience of asking, seeking, knocking, receiving, finding and knowing. But life is not learned in a stale classroom which restricts expression, feeling, failing, succeeding. The world wants you to be moulded into its box of do’s and don’ts whereas God says anything is possible if you are willing to believe.

I believe the reason why so many people struggle with enjoying and experimenting with life (I am not referring to sin) is that they are afraid of what someone else thinks. We are so trained to have our thinking and our ways locked into that which is acceptable to others, that we are afraid to look into what God might be saying to us. A negative situation is not there because you are a bad person, neither is a good situation there because you are a good person. Good and bad happens to everyone in spite of who they are.

God did not bring you into this world for the world to dominate you. He brought you here for you to learn how to dominate the world. I am not referring to fame and fortune, although they may become a part of your life, but rather the ability to bring your thoughts, your ways, and your opinions into subjection to those of the Lord’s. It is here, in your own inner world, where the real experience of life takes place. And it is in this realm where the Lord encourages you to come and seek Him. It is here where you will find Him, and in the secret place of your own intimacy with Him that you experience Him.

It is in the secret place that you move from the “I Don’t know” to the “I know” in your life. Knowing God within you, which comes from knowing or receiving the knowledge that is Jesus Christ, that you move from earth to heaven and back again. Just like the waves of the ocean flow back and forth, you will feel the movement of His kingdom flowing between your thoughts, your emotions, your expectations and every other thing that is within you.

This is when the cry, “Bless the Lord, Oh my soul” becomes the rhythm of your heart. Praise springs forth as you encounter Him, and freedom drums its victory throughout your whole being.

May your life beat with the thoughts of the Lord and may your life flow in the melodies of His voice.

With Love 💖





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