The Work of your Heart!

The work of the heart is far more important than the work of your hands!

Why is this? Your heart is the creative center of your being. Jesus said to guard and look after your heart above everything else that you do. It is in your heart, this central place within you, that you form the issues that pour forth into your life. The activity of your heart brings forth life and it brings forth death.

We often want to blame God or others for our circumstances or because we do not have the things we desire, when the truth is we are receiving exactly what we are working on in our hearts. There is a flurry of activity that constantly takes place inside you. You talk to yourself, to God and to others, you feel things, you plan, and have visions and dreams. Your heart is constantly busy creating or bringing forth the desires you think about.

Your circumstances, good or bad ones, are not there because of the work of your hands. They have nothing to do with other people either! They are there because of the work of your heart. There is an activity in your heart which when released through your words creates your circumstances.

This work is called BELIEVING!

Now, you can believe good reports and good things, or you can believe bad reports or bad things. You can have good conversation within you and you can have angry hateful conversation within you.

Neither a good nor a bad report is a problem. Reports are there for you to think about and process. Why are you thinking this? What caused this thought? How are you going to deal with it? Is it something you want or not? A bad report can be a good report because it could be a warning and save you from danger or from making a wrong decision. A good report could be bad because if you get what you thought about it could bring other problems that you may not want. Your heart is where you make choices.

Once you have made a decision, which can happen in a split second, and it connects with your FEELINGS, that belief happens and as a result, creation happens. Once you believe, or have a strong feeling/emotional experience it becomes a force that you cannot contain – it will come out of your mouth! Once out of your mouth it will create circumstances to bring about your internal desire.

For example, in the early years of our marriage I used to have car accidents. They were really frustrating to me and brought tremendous fear and negative emotions. In particular, I feared Dave’s angry response which would just increase my thoughts of car accidents. I would get so upset that I would cry and complain while alone in the car or the house. On the other hand, Dave would mock and tell everyone about how I constantly have car accidents. The emotion he was connected to was one of mocking and laughter. And I kept on having accidents!

Until the Lord stepped in! He did not stop the accidents He stopped the words of our mouths. One day as Dave was sharing with a friend how I constantly have accidents when the Lord spoke to him sternly and said, “It’s because you keep speaking about it!” We both repented – WE SHUT UP! – and the accidents stopped. Negative thoughts and feelings create a desire and your heart will create those circumstances for you.

On the other hand, I used to dream about having an office that overlooked the ocean where I could write and be happy. This was never a “prayer” just an imagination that produced feelings of happiness in my heart. I would talk about it to Dave, who just thought I was crazy, but it was a good imagination. Dave constantly dreamed and spoke about going hiking all over the Western Cape. We had good dreams! 😊

Then one day – it happened! A house presented itself to us in the Wilderness in the Western Cape. It was available, affordable and within one month we had moved. Today I live at the beach with an office overlooking the ocean and Dave hikes to his heart’s desire. All because there was a work going on in our hearts that is far more powerful than the works of our hands.

What are you working on in your heart? What do you think about? What feelings are you connected with? What are you saying to yourself in private? Find your happy places, your happy dreams, and be happy! Your heart will produce them for you and life will be wonderful.

Scripture Reference: Psalm 34:12-13; 103:2-5

May your heart be merry! 😊





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  1. Amen… Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart❤️