Thyatira 15

When reading the Book of Revelation please remember that it is a beautiful drama put together in an enchanting and mystical manner. Jesus desires for you to come to know the mystery of the Kingdom of heaven and all that you are called to. Like a beautiful puzzle it takes time to build and the picture comes together as the different pieces (verses) come together. To take one verse, or even a few, and to declare that this is the whole picture will leave you with a very distorted image of the truth.

It is a marvellously crafted world that crosses three dimensions intricately knitting them together. Just as God knitted you (your spirit, your soul, and your body) together in your mother’s womb, Jesus now reveals God’s wonderful and enchanting plan of the ages as He forms and fashion His new creation. This new creation will burst forth at the end of the ages with death defeated and a new heaven and earth completed in all its grandeur.

In Adam God knitted the three of you together but now He is knitting you to Himself. The beautiful marriage of the Lamb and the Bride reveals the beauty in your eternal union with Him in you and you in Him. In this paradise He is uniting your thoughts, your words, your hopes, and your dreams with His. You are becoming one. The Holy Spirit is patiently working within you to knit your words, your thoughts, and your imagination together. Lovingly brooding over you He constantly reminds you that you are born of God and your purpose is to be one with Him.

Can you imagine being one with Him forever? He will always be in you and you will always be in Him. How does that work? I don’t know but it sure is a wonderful mystery to engage with. But that is the end of the story where He is on earth with you and you are in heaven with Him. There is something far beyond our current comprehension being created. Eternity is going to be abundantly more spectacular and glorious than we can imagine – but the invitation of God is for you to imagine. He desires to take you into such wonder and beauty that it will simply blow your mind! (Eph 3)

This spiritual union raises you up into a position that is so high and a power that is so great that you have within you everything you need to destroy the works of the devil 👿 around you. This is another great mystery hidden in Revelation. As you step into another dimension there are dragons, demons, beasts, whores, and death that need to be conquered. Riding on powerful horses you ride out as a champion defeating every foe until all have been utterly vanquished and expelled from your kingdom.

Finally, there is the restoration of peace, righteousness, and joy to the cosmos. The earth and the cosmos will no longer be under the dominion of death and decay. Life on the planet will thrive and everything will be restored to the glory it had in the Beginning. Eternal life will sprout everywhere, and we will be accomplishing new things, things that we have yet to conceive of as we imitate the wonder and glory of our Father.

But the one cannot happen without the other. First things first. The first and highest order of business is your inner, personal, loving relationship with the Lord. Without this you cannot sit on His throne and without being seated on the throne you cannot rule over your enemies. If you do not rule over your enemies within you cannot bring heaven to earth. This is our story. As the sons of God and in union with Him we will accomplish all that He has purposed, both within us and in the world around us. And we will not stop until, together with the Lord, we can say, “It is finished! Come Lord Jesus! Amen!”

Until then, arise, shine for now you are the light of the Lord in the midst of a dark world. Let your light – the knowledge of Jesus Christ within you – shine as you run the race and finish your course.

With much love and hope … 🤗


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