Thyatira 19

Have you ever heard the saying that Jesus will rule the nations with a rod of iron? What sort of feelings and imaginations arise within you when you hear those words?

This quote comes directly from Jesus’ promise to the saints in Thyatira. (Rev 2:26) In addition to it is the promise that He shall break them into pieces, like a potter breaks a piece of pottery. Rather vivid imagery of someone being harsh and vengeful. Yet this is not what Jesus is saying. He is not coming back to be heavy handed and authoritative against humanity. Throughout His letter we are reminded that He appears with fire in His eyes and feet. He is coming (present continual tense) with His fierce, fiery, passionate love!

The greatest mystery hidden in the Book of Revelation is NOT the return of Christ but the victory of the CHURCH over her enemies, which are not other people but the accuser of the brethren!

Our warfare is not against humanity but against demonic forces and doctrines of devils. In His masterpiece, Jesus unveils who He is, who we are, who our enemies are and how WE overcome.

This “rod of iron” is a metaphor for the strength of His love and passion. There is no greater weapon of power than that of His love and it is this same love that will crush the head of the accuser, who accuses the saints before the throne of God day and night. This love brought Jesus to the cross where His love for humanity conquered the satanic power of sin and death. Jesus left nothing undone. In His death He freed humanity and condemned Satan. It is from this position that He rules and reigns.

Neither did Jesus say the He will rule the nations with an unbendable and unshakable love. He says that He will give that power and authority to the saints that overcome the teachings and ways of a demonic system controlled by a demonic principality called Jezebel. This is a great honour and it is there for you if you overcome this spirit that wages war against your soul.

Neither is overcoming Jezebel difficult. All you need to do is immerse yourself – your thoughts and emotions – in the wonderful love of God. This means forsaking all thoughts that declare you sinful, shameful, no good, etc., and accept the truth that before Him you are perfect and without fault. That is love. That is grace. That is a love and grace that is far above anything you could ask or imagine. It is hyper grace. It is hyper love! Don’t let any demon from hell tell you otherwise to keep you trapped in the dungeons of fault and failure before God.

He has declared you innocent. No, this does not make sense to a worldly mind as it is not an earthly reality it is a heavenly one. And it is this mindset that God calls you too. He calls you to take on the mind of Christ which elevates you to the highest throne in the universe – His own. Every satanic voice within your head will scream and tell you otherwise but that is simply the voice of the accuser and he is the one you have the privilege to overcome. Anything that says you are less than what the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ proclaims concerning you is a lie that has proceeded from the mouth of the liar.

Rom 6:11 In the same way, you to must consider yourselves dead as far as sin is concerned but living for God through the Messiah Jesus. (ISV)

Therein lies the secret to heavenly success – to continually consider yourself dead to sin and alive unto God, or righteousness. You have passed from death to life – now in this present age, in this life that you now live in honour of the Lord Jesus Christ. You honour Him and the wonderful gift of salvation that He made available to you when you consider yourself dead to sin. This will take some time and practice as it requires a whole new mindset.

For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor anything above, nor anything below, nor anything else in all creation can separate you from the love of God that is yours in union with Christ Jesus, your Lord. (Rom 8:39)

Let’s rule the nations! 💥


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