Thyatira 20

Ruling the nations! I think there is an inherent desire in all of us that arouses images within us to rule and to reign. We see this in our vocal expressions of criticism towards governments and the way they should be ruling. We get upset (and we should) with corruption and other evils committed by governments or power systems.

This is because of the high calling of God to the saints, the most holy ones, in Thyatira and to you personally. It is a great honour to be called to this level of power and authority in the kingdom of heaven and it is not something you should shun from. Jesus is calling you to embrace His glory and the wonderful rewards He has in store for you as you overcome the works of darkness.

This is an eternal calling and position. It is not earthy or temporary. In the eternal plans of God there are cities, nations, governmental positions, galaxies, and stars to rule. The universe you see out there has been created for a purpose far more than just lighting up the night sky! The kingdom of heaven is not short on places to rule and reign, but it is exclusive to those who overcome, and I believe you are one of them! 😊

Achieving this reward is also not difficult. It does not require your physical perfection in never sinning but in simply not partaking in sexual immorality or idolatry. And to overcome all you need to do is turn your face towards His fiery passion for you and develop a love relationship with Him. This wonder is developed through “face-time” with Jesus. You overcome by learning who Jesus is and by communion and fellowship with Him. It involves finding out who this wonderful person is who appears before you with fire in His eyes and feet.

Revelation 2:27 He will rule them with an iron sceptre, shattering them like clay pots.

If you read this verse without it being in context you will get the impression that this ruler, mostly referred to as Jesus Himself, is harsh and cruel in His dealings with the people. But that is only if you remove the passionate love He is conveying about Himself for His people from the scene. Also, remember, Jesus is using metaphors to portray what He is wanting to convey to us, using language that we can understand. This is not a literal iron rod or clay pots.

Firstly, the word “he” in this passage refers to the one who has overcome and is now in a position of ruling a nation and not Jesus Himself. The word ‘rule” is also interpreted as the word ‘shepherd.’ The rod is that of a shepherd’s rod. The image Jesus is wanting to portray here is that of a shepherd who lovingly cares for His flock. The shepherd’s rod is a weapon of defence and offence which is used to protect sheep against predators. Also, remember, in this letter the sheep, being the saints, are not the enemy. The tolerance towards the teachings of Jezebel are.

This same fiery passion and the love of a shepherd will bring correction to those who are rebellious or have become ensnared by her teachings. The rod of correction, which may bring initial pain through hardship, will deliver the one that has become entangled with this wicked spirit.

The Lord’s passionate love for humanity is not a love that says, “It’s okay, you can do whatever you like, I still love you,” it is a love that says, “I love you and will never reject you or cast you away, but if you continue fooling around with wickedness, I will bring correction to you. In this correction you will experience hardship and I will continue to discipline you (iron rod) until you repent and turn away from your wickedness. And I will use my shepherds to do the correction.”

(PS: Not every pastor is a shepherd that has been given this position of authority. Shepherd’s that have been anointed with this privilege know the love of God and know how to council and lead people out of sexual immorality and idolatry into a loving and sanctified lifestyle before the Lord.)

May the fire of His love and passion consume you today.

Much love and blessing. 🤗


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