Thyatira 8

It’s a new day, a new hope, a new beginning 😊. I took this photo this morning and thought about the wonder and majesty that God puts into each new day reminding us of His promise and the hope that lies before us, the resurrection from the dead! Imagine the wonder, the joy, and the mystery of all that glorious day will bring.

How often do you think about the mystery that is the new creation? What will we look like on that glorious day when we come into the full birth of who we are becoming. Are you aware that you will look just like God? Incomprehensible! Wonderful! Awesome! How magnificent and priceless you are to the Father!

Can you imagine the things that God has in store for you in the ages to come? Do you ever ask Him to show you? If not I dare you too. I think the Father loves the game hide and seek. He hides all these amazing mysteries and then comes to us and says, “find them!” It’s like looking for buried treasure which He has hidden all over the universe and in multiple dimensions. We will be busy finding these treasures for a very long time – eternity upon eternity.

When you step out of the earth realm and begin looking at things that are eternal the temporary problems you face here on earth no longer seem relevant. And then, knowing that the trials and tribulations of this world open up the wonders of heaven to you they become things you can embrace with joy and thanksgiving. Of course, I do know that actually practicing thanksgiving is hard to do when you are feeling immense pressure or pain, but it is the only key that can cause you to transcend through the heavens and into the presence of the King. Here there is no sorrow, no pain, and no mourning, just lots of joy, and peace, and abundance.

I believe this is what Jesus is wanting to portray in His wonderful gospel called the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Most of it has been portrayed in a negative light but I think Jesus is revealing the most enchanting and amazing mystery of all, which is Him in us, the hope of glory. It is the age-old battle between light and darkness, life and death. It is not about God’s anger and hatred towards humanity but His love for His own and their victory over their age-old foe. The church is the focal point of the whole Book. It is the unveiling of Christ in us, the hope of glory.

When we see the Lord’s warnings to His churches and the consequences to their disobedience it is not because of anger towards them but for their deliverance from their enemy. Sin has consequences. They give Satan power and authority over humanity. This is why there is death and destruction and God has to remove His hand of protection and allow the destruction to come. There is a problem though. While Satan is busy with His plans to destroy the church, Jesus is busy with His plans to destroy Satan and his works through the very people Satan is trying to destroy – His CHURCH!

Remember, Satan may have power, but it is not as powerful as that of Christ’s. Light will always defeat darkness and love will always destroy hate and life will always destroy death. No matter what you are facing, greater is the ONE who lives in you than the one that is in the world. You will come through whatever attack you face, whether it was your fault or not! God will deliver you because you believe in His Son and you are born of Him.

Keep the faith, remain faithful in your heart to your belief in Jesus Christ as Lord. Rejoice and be glad. Your name is written in heaven and heave will come to your defence. Be patient while you wait for the vindication of the Lord to manifest on your behalf. Draw near to Him. He will not only draw near to you but also draw you into Him where He will keep you safe and will bring you into His heavenly kingdom.

Scripture references: 1 John 4:4; Colossians 1:27; 2 Timothy 4:18; Ephesians 3:10; Acts 14:22

Have a gloriously happy day! 😂😂


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