Transcendent Glorious God!

There is a desire in the heart of God for you and that is to take you on some transcendent experiences with Him. He wants to take you beyond the normal limits of the ordinary experiences of life to places you have not yet experienced.

These glorious and transcendent experiences come when you dig deeper into the Word of God and stop to look beyond the cursory meaning of the passages you read. There is far more to discover than just the plain and surface meaning to all that God has given. The Bible is full of symbols, poetry, metaphors, and other figurative language, all of which is meant to engage your spirit, your mind, and your body.

Jesus said His words are spirit and they are life. Simply put, as you look and think about what you are reading, the Voice of Jesus begins to draw you into the words you are reading. His voice comes to draw you into the spirit and take you beyond the realm of the natural to where He dwells. As you allow your thoughts to go deeper, or to engage with Jesus, joy and peace will flood your heart and mind.

When I sit down and allow my thoughts to begin thinking about what I am reading, which includes praying and talking to the Lord about it, something inside me begins to shift. I don’t really know how to explain it other than that it feels like my soul is moving into heaven and my spirit is coming to earth. This “movement” causes all sorts of reactions in my body. I either laugh, or cry, or sit in bewilderment going “Wow!” Sometimes it is so overwhelming that I get up to do something else while I try and comprehend what I have just seen and heard.

However, I find the Lord is far more excited about all this than I am. It’s like He can’t wait for me to come so that He can “blow my mind” and freak me out! 😊

Now it’s your turn. Come on, I dare you. Let your mind and your emotions get involved with what you are reading. Look beyond the words to the world that is behind then. Scriptures are doorways that lead you into the kingdom of heaven. As Jesus said, He is the door, and no one can come to the Father except through Him.

He is waiting for us to KNOCK on His door! 😊

Tomorrow I will share the revelation He gave me on language.

Go “knocking!”





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