Truly Wealthy!

God’s desire is for you to be truly wealthy and blessed beyond your wildest dreams or imagination! His plan for you is so vast it would take an eternity for you to fathom it out!

Notice that in Revelation 3:14-22 Jesus does not ask or require the rich to give up their money or to give it away. He has no problem with the amount of money they have or what they do with it. It’s their indecisive attitude and witness about Him being God’s faithful and true witness and that He is the Creator of all God’s creation that’s the problem. This is what makes Him “spitting mad” and invokes His rebuke.

He is frustrated because they do not realize their spiritual condition is poor and that they stand to lose everything He has planned and purposed for them. In their pursuit of wealth (and this goes for all of us) they forget that which is of value to their eternal lives. They cannot see from God’s perspective and cannot perceive the wealth that is eternal.

Notice how God first makes them aware of their own spiritual condition. From His perspective, in the realm of the spirit, they are poor, wretched and blind. They have no wealth or anything of value that they will inherit when they enter His kingdom unless they wake up. And He is going to shake them until they do! How great is His grace and love towards us!

The reason God calls them poor is because they do not have a revelation of who He is as the AMEN – God’s faithful and true witness. They are wretched because they do not believe He is the Beginning, Origin, and Creator of all creation. They are blind because the cannot see the value of that which is eternal.

But, God is not going to leave them there. Next on the agenda is for Him to teach them how to overcome their spiritual poverty, wretchedness, and blindness.

😊 Till tomorrow …

You are His beloved and He is not finished with you yet!





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