Trustworthy Faith!

Okay, how many times have you felt like your faith just isn’t working? Or you go through a tough time and think that somehow God is testing and trying you so that He can teach you something?

While sharing with a friend that was/is going through a difficult time I shared the Scripture from James 1:3 that the trying of your faith works patience. Suddenly the Holy Spirit bombarded my thought patterns with a totally new perspective. I had always interpreted this as difficult circumstances come to attack your faith and beat you up and that you must stand firm! As much as this is true, that Satan does attack our faith, he does want to beat us up, and we do need to stand firm, this is not the perspective that James is coming from.

The word “trying” of your faith comes from the word trustworthiness. In other words, you can trust your faith to work for you. While talking to my friend about building a difficult area in her business, the Lord showed me how our faith tests circumstances. The circumstance is there for us to test or try our faith out on.

Often people have the impression that their difficulties have arisen because they have done something wrong or that God is upset with them. This is not the truth. Our Father is not a mean God sitting on a throne somewhere waiting to beat us up. He is a loving Father who has great plans for us and knows that we will face bad situations. In these times though, He has given us His faith and allows us to use it to experiment on circumstances and situations that arise to challenge it.

It’s like a child learning to bake. Mom does not get all upset about her messy kitchen while she stands by gently instructing while her child gets full of flour and icing. With practice – experimentation, testing, and trying – her child will master the art of cake baking. It is the same with us. The Holy Spirit gently stands by us, instructing us on how to overcome through using His methods. He does not get upset when we get “flour and icing” all over ourselves while we are learning because He knows that in time, as He is patient with us, we will overcome and once we have worked out how to use our faith, we will be able to receive and achieve anything we desire.

So, if you have a challenge that requires faith, get going. Start finding out what the Bible says and start trying your faith on it. Don’t stop until you have mastered it. MOST OF ALL, have fun while you work with the Holy Spirit in your life! 😊

Have a beautiful day. 🍰🍰





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