Truth or Dare?

“In a sea of memories, don’t let the good ones get lost among the bad ones!”

In our lives we have so many memories. Some of them are wonderful, filled with love, and warmth, and hope, while others bring up pain, and sorrow and despair. However, it is the good ones that God encourages us to remember.

There is nothing you can do to change the past. Both its good and bad memories have passed, and the only your good memories have value. Currently you may also be facing situations that are adverse, but in the midst of those thoughts and feelings are also wonderful, good and happy ones. When you focus on thoughts that bring you joy and peace, the bad ones will get lost in a sea of good ones.

Even when it comes to your future you can chose what to think about. As you look into your future you can create images that are full of fun, hope, joy and pleasure. When you allow yourself to dream good things which are personal to you, you will attract it to yourself. True, our dreams seldom manifest exactly as we saw them because God is able and does do more than we ask or imagine.

Your Father wants to play truth or dare with you! He is daring you to have fun (feeling is important) dreaming about big and wonderful things. What are the things you desire? What would you like your life to be like? In this game you need to continue having fun filled dreams and then dare Him to do better than what you dream and imagine. The truth part is then up to Him. He will manifest things in your life and world that will blow you away and prove to you that He really loves you.

There is one requirement though, you cannot make the game subject to time. You keep up the dare through constantly dreaming big and having fun with Him in your dreams. There will come a day where you will be the one standing in awe and wonder at the greatness of your Father and His unfailing, unending love for you.

Let the game begin ….

I dare you … 😊





PS: Play with someone else and challenge them. Like, share, comment!


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