Turning the Other Cheek 5

Have you ever noticed that once someone has struck you on the cheek, they disappear to wherever they come from, but you are left with an entire inner world that has been disrupted? Your heart, your mind and your emotions go into a freefall. All sorts of thoughts and arguments start racing through your mind. Anger, rage, tears, and other emotions go into action and before long you feel like you’re being consumed.

AND you can’t wait to tell someone else about it!

Beware, beware, for sin is crouching at the door!

Unfortunately, most of us don’t recognise that the real opponents – demons and other spiritual forces –have just entered the arena of our soul. Neither are they the only ones that are present in your soul and all that’s going on within you. Jesus said the kingdom of heaven and of God is within you. In short, the spirit realm is inside you. God – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – are inside you. So are angels. So are demons. So are other people.

They all exist within your soul through their words.

You are not alone. This is the realm in which you really live and not the natural one you experience with your senses. Unless you recognise what is going on inside you and deal with these voices through submitting yourself to God and His Word, these little demons of strife will begin building a stronghold (a place to hide) inside you. These strongholds will drive you nuts and cause behaviour patterns that tend to ungodliness within you. Instead of becoming Christ like your ungodly desires for revenge and self-justification will take pre-eminence and darkness will rule and reign within you.

The first step in learning spiritual disciplines is to recognise that this world within you is real. Once you know it is real you can begin to deal with it. The first rule of spiritual warfare is ALWAYS to come into the presence of the Lord in worship. It all begins with bowing down to His Lordship and His will over your life. In His presence He will guide you and instruct you in how to deal with the conflict. In His presence He trains you in the Master Art of Love. The more skilled you are in the arena of love the more the victory of Christ and the kingdom of God sits over your life.

In His presence He restores you to righteousness. In His presence you will find forgiveness for your sin. In His presence you will find peace and rest for your heart and mind. The spiritual discipline you need to learn is to sit at the Master’s feet and learn His ways. It is not to deal with the devil, nor the other person, nor other things in your life, but just to sit at His feet and LEARN to bring your heart and your mind and your emotions under His control.

Submission to Jesus means submitting your words and your thoughts and bringing them into alignment with His words and thoughts.

This requires time and practice, and you may have to do it many times before you master this art, but I encourage you to take the time to learn as the rewards are OUT of this world.

I pray the grace and favour of the Lord be your portion and that wisdom and understanding be your companions in all that you need to deal with or confront.

Love you always.


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  1. Yea!! Something I really struggle with, thank you so so Very much, I needed this. God bless you in all you do.

  2. Wow! An eye-opener. Thank you sister for this great piece.
    God bless you and enrich you.