Turning the Other Cheek 6

Mastering the art of love is not something you will learn in a Bible School, a Church service, this blog, or seminar. You will not find these classes held anywhere on the face of this earth. The only place you will find it is in your heart and your mind. The only thing that I or some other preacher or teacher can do is lead you to what you need to do. No one can do it for you. Your inner world is your domain and it is the world that you are called to rule and reign over. It is in this inner world of yours where you set up Christ as Lord. This is where you choose light and darkness, life and death. It is deep within this world where you engage with God and His kingdom, or you engage with Satan and his kingdom.

So often when stuff goes wrong in life we question God. Why did He allow this or why didn’t He do that or if God is a loving God then why …, why, why, why? The answer is very simple. The world you see and experience around you through your body and its senses is a combined reflection of our hearts. Together we release the kingdom of light or the kingdom of darkness. The reason we see so much darkness or evil is because most people love darkness and not light. They love their own way and not the Lord’s way. As a result Satan rules over us with fear, death and destruction and is rightly called the god of this world.

However, light is always greater and stronger than darkness. There is no defence against light. Light will always win. This is true for you and me as well. Jesus said that if your eyes are dark then your body will be dark but if your eyes are filled with light, your whole body will be filled with light. The ‘eyes’ Jesus refers to are your inner eyes, the eyes of your heart – your inner thoughts, imagination, and emotions.

When your thoughts and emotions are constantly engaged with the kingdom of heaven then the kingdom of heaven, the realm of light, will fill your world with the blessings of heaven. However, when your thoughts, imagination, and emotions are constantly engaging with the temporary things of this world, the realm of death, then you will fill your life with destruction.

So, whatever your eyes are filled with, your life will be filled with. If your eyes are constantly looking for the King and His kingdom WITHIN you, you will see the goodness of God all around you – even when things are not going right. God allows stuff to go wrong so that you have an opportunity to come and sit with Him so that He can teach you how to the Master Art of Love and then send you out into your inner world to rule over it. This will manifest in you behaving like a child of God and being called a peacemaker.

If you have an area in your life, be it conflict with someone else, an addiction or some other form of sin, or weakness, or failure that needs to be dealt with, take it to the feet of the Lord and enter the classroom of His love. In this place you will find all the victory and breakthrough you need for your life.

Be blessed in His presence and have a wonderful week.


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