Turning the Other Cheek 8

People will come and go all through your life, some peacefully and others with hurt and disappointment, but you are instructed to live at peace with all men, as much as you possibly can.

So, level one in turning the other cheek is to not retaliate or to strike back at the person that has confronted you. Level two is to deal with the thoughts and emotions that are now speaking, arguing, shouting, and whining on the inside of you. God’s interest is not in the confrontation that took place, but rather with the thoughts and emotions that are now exploding in your heart. Why is this? Because it is out of your heart that the forces affecting your life proceed. You are now at war and it is not with the person but with the demonic spirits that are actively coming against you, engaging you and pushing you to react and take action in anger and not forgiveness.

Most of us fail at this point because we do not recognise our real enemy. Jesus said that we do not wrestle against other people – they are not the issue – but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.

These heavenly places are on the inside of you. When two people wrestle they are up close and personal. It is the same in the spirit realm. Demonic spirits get up close and personal. They know that if they can get you to react in anger, malice, rage, hate, etc., that they will have beaten you and will gain control over you. They move in on your thoughts and emotions stirring you up with all kinds of negative imaginations towards the person that has wronged you. Remember, the Lord is not interested in whether someone has wronged you, He is interested in training you to become like Him and He uses offensive situations to disciple you (discipline you) in His way.

The question is, are you interested in being trained in the ways of God or not. If not, then there is no point in reading these blogs. If you are then you need to make a decision to go God’s way, even when it makes no sense to your mind. We often quote the proverb, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding,” but then as soon as a problem arises, and God says turn the other cheek we go and do the very thing that makes sense to our ungodly self. The problem is that this “ungodly self” is greatly influenced by demons and not the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit will lead you in the way of righteousness, in the ways of the Lord and I guarantee you that your unsanctified thoughts and opinions will resist you. Not only will your unsanctified mind and emotions disagree with God’s way but so will other people that are not following God. They too will encourage you to go with your “feelings” and “retaliate” and “get revenge” and “don’t let them do this to you” and “you don’t deserve this” and “you must not be a doormat and let them walk over you” and, and, and … the war rages on …

So how do you deal with the voices, thoughts, and emotions raging within you? First, recognise that you are fighting a very real enemy and this enemy is far more subtle and dangerous than any person out there. Once you recognise that you are actually talking to a real entity or being you are able to talk back and talk you must. However, before you talk you need to seek God. You need to seek the voice (thoughts) of peace and love and forgiveness. In this time God will be talking to you and angels will be ministering to you. The kingdom of heaven is just as real and active within you as is the realm of darkness.

And the purpose in all this is you learning to be like God and overcoming the enemy.

Yes, Satan uses people to strike you, but they are nothing more than a tool in his hand to tempt you to open the door to your heart and drive you to strike back. When both hearts are open to offense, he has the opportunity to move in and destroy things in your heart and mind, which will inevitably cause you to react in ungodliness. He would like to see both of you beaten up and destroyed with his ultimate goal being that of destroying the kingdom of God in your life. He has one goal in mind and that is to turn you away from God. Once he has done that he can plunder your house. He will come in and begin destroying your life with God. If you are not watchful and vigilant your love for God will turn into disappointment and eventually Satan will have you accusing God for your problems. He is out to destroy your life with God.

However, there is a very serious problem that Satan has to deal with and that is that there is someone else that lives within you and He is far greater that any demonic force or influence. His power is far more sophisticated, and His ways are so much greater.

There is no prince of darkness that can withstand the Prince of Light.

His biggest risk and fear is that you will turn towards the Lord and follow Him. This means he will be defeated and you will win. Your light will begin to shine, and Satan will flee from you in terror.

Remember, Satan will flee from YOU. He will become afraid of YOU.

How cool is that!


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  1. Amen and Amen.
    It’s indeed time to follow our real father the almighty God.

  2. Thanx for msg,but recently I am bitter angry and that’s not from God…Am angry coz i recently lost the love of my life…Am fighting with God and husband

    1. Hello Rita
      I am so sorry for your loss. Grief often causes anger as you process your emotions. Can I encourage you to keep seeking the goodness of God and to deal with all you feel before Him and let His love comfort you. Let me know if you want to chat privately.
      Love always

  3. Yvonne, it has been a while. I am happy God is keeping you.

    In isolation I do just well, I am in control, my love for the Lord is sky-rocketting, the level of intimacy with God is amazing. But, outside environments are overwhelming and life changes (moving back home, starting a new job) opened me up to influences that fight against all that is good (God and His goodness in me).

    What can I do?

    1. Hello Nomakhosi
      How great to hear from you again. I have missed you 😍
      Remember, no matter what environment you find yourself in the Lord is there with you and will teach you how to be victorious in Him anyway. You are perfectly placed to learn how to be a champion in His kingdom and to overthrow the enemy of your soul. What a wonderful and glorious place and position He has put you in. And when you are tested, close our eyes and remember the One who loves you more than life and that he is right there with you. He has faith in you so have faith in yourself too.
      Love you always

  4. Thank you very much. I’m worried I haven’t heard anything from you in the last couple of weeks