Under His Wings!

Have you ever wondered what the Bible means by “the shadow of your wings”? Does God have wings? If so, what do they look like? If not, then what does He mean by the shadow of His wings? Ps 36:7 gives us a hint. It tells us that the unfailing love of God is priceless and that as a result all men, great and small can take refuge under the shadow of His wings.

It is the unfailing love of God that surpasses our understanding that gives us refuge. A place of refuge is a shelter, a protected place, a safe place out of the way of a raging storm. Life is full of storms, tests, trials or whatever you want to call them. Jesus said we would have them, but the glory is that in the midst of the storms, when we turn to trust in His wonderful, gracious love, we find peace and rest, comfort and security.

In His unfailing love He wraps His wonderful, powerful arms around you to hold you close. Makes you just want to wrap your own arms around Him and stay there forever. 😊 As you bring your thoughts into His love you will begin to feel the immense warmth and love God has for you. There you will find joy and the strength and courage you need for life.

Heaven is within you. It is a very real place and easily accessible. You don’t need to ‘go’ anywhere far away to connect to the Lord. He dwells in your heart. Heaven is in a place called “your heart” and sits in the center of you. As you close your eyes and focus your thoughts towards the Lord you move yourself into His kingdom and into heaven itself. This may take some practice, but you can and should go into the deep place within you and connect with your Heavenly Father.

Come and take refuge, comfort and joy in the presence of the One whose love for you is greater than all creation.

Have a loving weekend and wrap yourself in His unfailing love.





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