Under the Mission!

So, I heard a little statement about the word that we love so much, the word “SUBMISSION!” Especially women, we just love it! (Not) 😕

The definition I heard for submission is “to come under the mission”. It is to come under the mission of another. If you translate this to a husband and wife, it would mean that the husband should have a mission, a good plan and purpose for the future wellbeing and prosperity of the family, or his union with his wife. If there is no mission, there is no submission. However, ladies and gentlemen, God is not absent from the home, and when one is out of order, He still has a mission regarding your union, and when you bring yourself under His mission He will resolve the issues between you and bring you to a good end.

However, I want to bring this “marriage union” into perspective where it comes to you and the Lord. In Scripture the Church is referred to as a bride and the Lord as our husband. Please, He is NOT talking about walking you down the isle and putting a ring on your finger and saying, “I DO”!! He uses the EXAMPLE of a marriage union to help you understand how His union with you works. Just as a wife chooses to take up her husbands’ mission to form one united mission, so Jesus asks us to surrender our own missions and come under submission to Him, so that the two of you can have one mission, one goal and one purpose.

The goal and purpose the Lord asks you to take up is His. Just like a husband sets the mission in a home, so Jesus sets up the mission of your union with Him. He has a plan and purpose for the two of you, but in order for it to be fulfilled it will require your submission. He does not come under or conform to your missions, you are called to come under His, and to make His mission your own.

Then there is a mission that Jesus has concerning the Church as a unit. As one body we are called to come under His mission to love one another as He loves us. When we all submit to His mission He will be lifted up and He will draw all men unto Himself. Jesus is on a mission to subdue the world and bring it into submission to Him. This will result in the glorious love, peace, and joy of God flooding all of creation, and all things being restored back to their original order.

However, He requires you and I to forsake our own missions in life and to come under His mission. When you set your heart on loving Him and choosing His mission, you will find Him giving you the desires of your own heart, and He will do everything He can to bless you and fulfil you in every way.

To the Mission of Jesus!

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