Unfailing Love!

What does the unfailing love of God feel like? What does it look like? Can it be seen, can it be touched, can it be felt, can it be heard, and can it be smelled? Where is it, what is it?

Just like me, I am sure you have heard someone say, “Jesus loves you,” but how did that make you feel? Was it real, did it affect you, did it touch you in the depth of your soul or is it just something you acknowledge as a truth? What emotions are stirred within you when you hear the words, “Jesus loves you!”

I remember the first time I heard those beautiful words. My whole being came alive and I was filled with joy and hope. I fell so in love with Jesus that I believed I would never have another bad day in my life! However, that was far from reality. Over the years in my walk with the Lord I have had plenty of nasty experiences. At times, those words, “Jesus loves you!” brought more questions than warm, wonderful feelings.

When Christians suffer the first question that arises always seems to be, “If God really loves me then why is this happening to me!?” And there are all kinds of negative, accusing thoughts towards God that hang onto that thought, with the sole purpose of driving you nuts and out of the presence of the unfailing love of God.

It is here, in the initial message of salvation, that I think we have missed it. We are told that when you come to Jesus He will love you, forgive you and turn your life around. “YOUR LIFE WILL BE BETTER WHEN YOU COME TO JESUS.” We all want our lives to be better! What a great deal! But is that the real message of salvation? Does being “saved” mean the rest of your life will be happy and carefree? (By the way, all those statements above ARE true, it’s our understanding that is a little messed up).

Depends on how you define ‘the rest of your life’. Do you define it as being from now to the time you die, or does it mean for all eternity? If your definition comes from this temporal life here on earth you will be horribly disappointed because this life is filled with good and bad times. However, if your definition is an eternal one, the temporary trouble with its feelings of hurt, and pain, and disappointment, fade away in the light of eternity.   This is why Paul was able to call our suffering and trouble, “light and momentary afflictions.”

The Lord’s unfailing love needs to be understood from an eternal perspective. When Jesus said we need to be heavenly minded, He meant it. When you can see from heaven’s perspective and your thoughts come from a place that is eternal, you will be able to rejoice and serve God joyfully, in spite of your current, momentary troubles.

Take some time out and in the quiet, secret place of your own heart, look for the Lord? He sees you as you are in eternity, in Him. He does not see you filled with faults and failures. He is not angry with you. He is eternally in love with you and His love for you is unending, unfailing, eternal. In your heart, your thoughts and emotions, wait upon Him and seek Him until an excited an awe-inspiring confidence in the knowledge of His love wells up within you. Focus on that love, become aware of your feelings, and stay there until you become fully confident in His love for you.

When you learn to abide in this place, called His unfailing love, you will find the love that you need which will cause you to overcome in every test and trial. It will perfect you, purify you, and bring you an eternal hope of glory.

And as you journey deeper into His love you will find that you can connect with the Lord with all of your senses!

Jesus is in love with you.





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