When God says, “It’s Over!”

It is OVER!

How do you get God to say, “It’s Over!” when it comes to your life and the challenges you are facing?

Have you ever found yourself in a place where it just seems like other people get over things so much easier than you do? How come they get the “It’s Over!” blessing and get healed, delivered, or prosperous yet your battle never seems to come to an end?

Because you are the one that holds the key! When it comes to your “war” with the devil and the things of this world IT IS ALREADY OVER! Jesus conquered hell and the grave, sickness and disease, poverty and destruction, satanic power and authority, guilt and condemnation and every other “thing” that comes against you on the CROSS. God has already said, “It’s Over!” when it comes to you and your life.

So why is it not over? Because you have not aligned yourself with the truth that is in Jesus. You are the one that holds the power and authority over every work of the devil – sin, sickness, disease, poverty, etc. He gets glorified when you chose to BELIEVE in Him and take what He has done and smear it in the devil’s face until he is totally wiped out!

When you begin to see the victory over your problem in your heart and feel the joy thereof within you, victory is at hand. Then when your words and your ways (internal images) agree with the Lord’s finished work; get up, be bold, and with joyfulness decree to your circumstances “It’s Over!” that you will see the glory of the kingdom of heaven in your life.

By the way, this works the same way for the visions and dreams you have. God has not called you to live in a perpetual “winter” but in the joyfulness of heaven where life bears fruit all year round!

“Today I decree that the victory of the devil over your heart and mind is over and that the fulness of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ brings you into His abundance and life, in Jesus Name.”

To victory in Jesus!





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