When I Am Weak!

Have you ever heard the quote, “When I am weak, He is strong?”

What does you are weak mean? And what does “He is strong” mean? How does His strength help you when you are weak? Have you ever felt like your calls for strength are falling on deaf ears?

The Lord so often challenges me when I simply quote things and really makes me think about what I am saying. I think many of us fall into this trap in our journey with the Lord. Sometimes we just come through our circumstances and never give them a second thought but other times we really need the Lord to help and assist us because we are weak.

I think the best place to start is to define your weakness. Are you feeling weak because you have just done some strenuous physical exercise or because you have been going through some mentally strenuous time? If it is physical, it requires a different kind of strength to help you verses mental strength. And then, where does the Lord’s help come from? Does He come physically and hold you up when your body is tired or sick? No. If you need physical strength He needs the “body” of another person to hold you up. So where does His strength come from?

Strength, whether physical, mental or spiritual, always comes through your thoughts. When your thoughts are weakened due to the pressures and stresses of life, they will determine how you respond and react. Many times, we rely on our own thoughts and overcome, or we fold and resign ourselves to the outcome. Either way, this is your right, your ability, and your choice. You can do this without ever calling upon the name of the Lord. The whole world operates in this space of success or defeat.

If this is the case then why call upon the Lord for strength? Simple. In this life, you have two choices. One is to do things by faith in God and His way, the other is by faith in yourself and the things of this world. Both will bring results; however, one will bring eternal reward the other temporal reward. And either way, the Lord loves you and is with you.

The Lord responds to you and imparts strength to you when you call upon Him in times where you are being challenged, or tempted to turn away from faith in Him to some other solution that is outside of Him. For example, take a person in your life that you know you must love but they frustrate you, irritate you, aggravate you, do all kinds of wrong (in your opinion) and you just wish you could get rid of them.

This desire to get rid of them is your weakness! You know you need to love them – be nice to them, be kind, be patient, be forgiving, and all those wonderful things, yet inside you there is a great struggle to love them. It is in these times, when you call upon the Lord for strength because your desire is to please Him that He comes in like the cavalry! He will strengthen your resolve in the battle to keep on loving them, keep on hoping and praying for His best in their lives, no matter the cost to you.

This strength, which comes through your desire to do what pleases Him, will not only bring you rewards here on earth, but a treasure in heaven that no one can ever take form you. It will be yours forever, and all will see it. You will be a trophy that He displays with great pride and joy. Now tell me, don’t you think that would be worth it all? 😊

Be strong in the Lord!





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