When Tears Flow

There is a mystery hidden within the tears that flow from the heart of a saint in times of suffering and heartache that is often not seen or recognized in these moments of pain. I do not know where you find yourself today in your journey through this world but none of us have escaped the tribulations of life that produce an inward cry in our heart that causes us to cry out in tears towards our God for His salvation.

Why is it so important to the Lord that He allows these times of trouble that bring tears to our hearts? Is there something that we miss here? Yes. There is a beauty and a mystery that comes out of tremendous suffering. And remember all suffering is for a season. The season will come to an end so do not give up on your faith during your time of tribulation.

Those who sow in tears, will reap in joy and it is through much tribulation that we enter into the kingdom of God. (Psalm 126:5: Acts 14:22)

Heartfelt prayer that comes through the release of tears acts like a key that opens the portals of heaven for you. There is a divine plan in tribulation which turns your heart and your mind towards the Lord and His kingdom.

It begins with you feeling the pain of your suffering, your loss, your fears, your sins, your thoughts and feelings of failure, and anything else that causes you to feel forsaken, unacceptable, or hopeless. You might feel anger, despair, hopelessness, etc., but all these things are designed to bring you into a place where you become aware of the darkness within your own soul. The purpose is not for you to stay there though. In this place where your soul is suffering the mental and physical torments of this world, that the Lord stands with arms outstretched and heart open towards you beckoning you to turn your thoughts towards Him and to enter His kingdom, His righteousness, joy, and peace.

On the cross, with arms open wide, the voice of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit cry out to you and say, “You are forgiven! You are acceptable! You are our beloved! We have come for you! Our hearts are open wide. Come! Come our beloved one and enter into the kingdom of your God.” And when you respond to the loving and tender voice of the Lord, as He declares to you who you are to Him, that you will find His love that causes you to rise on the wings of an eagle into the kingdom of heaven where you will see and experience all the wonders of joy, righteousness, and peace.

Then, returning to this world you will find that your mind has been awakened to the glory of the Lord and from this position of renewed faith and love you find the power to endure tribulation no matter what it costs you. When you behold the love of God for you even though you are crying in pain and suffering, there will be tears of joy mixed in with them because you know that this tribulation is not forever but is opening for you the eternal rewards of everlasting joy in the kingdom of your Father.

Tears, sown in times of sorrow and in times of joy, are of the greatest gifts you have for entering the heart of God.

So, learn to let your tears flow, let them flow; wait, and keep waiting till the tears of joy flow from your heart. For you do not cry as someone without hope but as one who has been chosen by God to share in the sufferings of this world which open the gates of heaven and bring the rewards of the kingdom to earth. Your reward is the power and the majesty and the glory of the Father resting upon you as He declares His eternal decree over you to all creation, “Look, this is my beloved child, my glory, my inheritance, my pride and joy, the pinnacle of all I have created.”

The rewards for honouring Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour in this world are eternally glorious beyond comprehension. Never despair. Rejoice always, for your suffering is working in you an eternal, magnificent glory that will never be taken from you.

Let the tears fall! 🎭💧


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