Where Jesus Lives

Where does Jesus live?

“In my heart.”

That would be the common response, to which I would have to ask, “Where exactly, in your heart, does He dwell?” And when Jesus says, “Follow Me!” where do you have to go, or be, in order to follow Him?

The Lord said that He would lead you through His unfailing love because you are His redeemed, and that through His strength He would guide you into His holy dwelling. (Ex 15:13)

Therefore, following Jesus means following Him through His love for you into His holy dwelling place, otherwise known as the Holy of Holies. He is not leading you into battle, or business success, or healthy relationships, etc., He is leading you, through the love of the Holy Spirit, into the place where God Himself lives.

How do you know whether you are following the Lord or not?

You follow the Lord through, or by, what you are thinking. When your thoughts are fixed on His unfailing, unending, incomprehensible, love for YOU, you will see the Lord and be able to follow Him. When you are able to see and feel the Lord loving you in your emotions (your heart) and in your imagination, that you will find the place that He is leading you to. This is the secret place spoken of in Psalm 91 and the abiding place that Jesus speaks about.

When Jesus has led you into the secret place you will find it to be the most wonderful and glorious place in all the universe – it is right into the place where He dwells in person and it is within you. He wants you to be conscious of where He lives. However, the only way that you are going to get there is through experiencing His unfailing love for you.

If we are not following the Lord into His chambers for a deep and intimate relationship with Him, then chances are we are trying to lead the Lord into the places we want. This is fruitless and frustrating. In His chamber, however, you will find the battles of your life are easy, financial success is easy, relationships are forged and everything you need, He supplies.

Fix your mind, your hopes and your dreams, on the unfailing, steadfast love that God has for you. He will do the rest and all the desires you have will be fulfilled.

Follow after LOVE! 💞





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