Whispering Enemies 2

True submission to the Lord is probably the most freeing and joyful thing in life. Sadly, many of us do not understand what true submission is and the word “submit” carries so many horrid images of being beaten, broken down, or abused. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So, what does it mean when Scripture says to humble yourself under the mighty had of God and to resist the devil so that he will flee from you? By the way, how many times has the devil been able to beat you up through the accusation of, “You must have opened the door to the devil, that’s why all these things are happening to you?” Let me tell you, the first and highest reason why bad things happen to you is not because of your sin but because of your faith in Jesus!

Secondly, everyone comes under the attack of the accuser, believer and unbeliever alike, so stop stressing about what you did or did not do, and thirdly, yes, you could be the maker of your own trouble. But regardless of where or how the accuser, the devil, chooses to come against you, submission to God will destroy him every time!

Now, submission to God is not based on how good your behaviour has been either. Prayer, reading the Bible, being loving and kind to people, etc., is all good but these acts do not equate to being in submission to God and neither does it mean you have humbled yourself to Him. Many people do all those acts but do not believe in Jesus Christ. So, while these acts are good and we should be doing them, they do not mean we are in submission to Him.

Just as Satan comes at you with WORDS of accusation to entice you away from focusing on the Lord, The Lord uses words of forgiveness, not accusation to draw you into His presence. Learning to recognize who is speaking to you is crucial to your victorious life in this world. Then, remember, submission to God is an eternal condition and not based on your mortal life here on earth. You will be in an eternal state of submission to God in the realm of heaven and this will be a joyful and willing submission. As such, submission to Him here on earth also requires your willingness and joyfulness, or thankfulness.

Submitting to either God or the devil is the same. It is a CONSCIOUS MENTAL DECISION as to whom you are going to engage in conversation with. You can converse with the accuser or you can converse with the Lord. You choose who you are going to communicate with.

Communication in your inner being is submission.

It is the engagement of your thoughts, your imagination, and your emotions with another unseen being. When you engage God in continual loving conversation you are positioning yourself under His mighty hand. This activates faith on the inside of you and as your faith is joined to His love satanic mountains start moving out of your life.

Submission takes willful effort and energy. It will not “just happen.” It will require you to know how, and what, the Lord thinks about you and then telling any other conversation that says you are not like who He says you are to shut up! Submission begins with meditative prayer which is simply thinking about what you have just read or heard and aligning your thoughts up with that truth.

And the truth you are looking for is always that which is true in eternity or in heaven and not of the earth.

For example, you commit a sin and now the accuser gets on your back with his negative conversation about you and how worthless you are, what a failure you are, etc. Look for this voice within you. Once you recognize it you can deal with it. But the truth is that Jesus has ALREADY FORGIVEN you for this sin and removed it from you through His blood. In heaven and before the Father you are not guilty. Now you have a conflict, and you need to decide whom you are going to submit to.

All submission to God is based upon your forgiveness of sin and purification from sin through the blood of Jesus Christ!

Crying before God and wailing about your bad self is neither faith nor submission to God, no matter how humble you think that may be. It is not humility. Humility, or submission, is accepting God’s declaration about you which is that you are forgiven. This is the truth and this declaration from heaven is what you need to submit your thoughts to.

Submission begins with accepting thoughts that declare you are forgiven, holy, righteous, sanctified, and perfect before God. You take the Scriptures that declare your eternal position in Christ and willingly submit your thoughts to them, even though they contradict everything you feel and think. You resist every thought that denies who you are as a child of God and reject it. You forcefully shut it down inside you and you deliberately accept what God has said about you. You talk to God about it. You spend time imagining yourself righteous and holy. You imagine what and who you are in heaven. You fill your whole mind with these thoughts continually. As you do you become fully submissive to God and His mighty power begins working within you to where the accuser – the devil – flees from your inner thoughts and emotions. Now you have overcome through the power of the blood, the word of your testimony (confession) and the willful submission of your life to Him, regardless of what the world has to say – you have truly died to the world.

The day is coming when we, the saints, have learned to truly submit to the Lord with great joy within us. When this day comes the accuser of the brethren, that serpent of old, Satan, the devil, will flee and creation will be free.

You are the joy and delight of heaven. May heaven break loose within you and may His eternal, glorious kingdom come and his will be done in and through you!

Love always


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Whispering Enemies!

I woke up this morning to a conversation taking place between myself and the Lord. Really strange but wonderful to wake up to heavenly conversation within you. That’s when you realise there is more to you than just your body! And it’s Saturday so this blog is longer than usual.


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  1. Thank you for this Yvonne. This was just for me to hear today. I have this voice continuously in my head. I have made lots of mistakes, not bad but it is choosing to listen to the right voice. God loves me, I need to remind myself of that time and time again. I cant seem to get out of this rut of not believing in myself but I have failed so much how do I overcome this belief. Mentally I struggle and this being going for years and years I just cant believe I can do anything properly, so I am scared. So this message was for me today, so thank you and may God bless you always.