Why don’t they Love me?

Have you wondered why it is that some people you love with all your heart reject you? Or you are minding your own business and someone just has it in for you? Why is it that some people just won’t love you no matter how kind or loving you are towards them? Have you felt the hurt and pain in your heart when your love is rejected?

The truth is that no one is able to love you to the degree that you need to be loved except the Lord. The Lord understands the deep need and desire we have to be loved. It is this need for love that moved Him to meet your need. In this world, full of hurt and sin and pain, there was only one way He could do that. He needed open the way into your heart and soul so that He could love you, even when no one else does.

The only way He could do this was to come as a man, in a body of flesh, which He sacrificed so that you would have access into the realm of love where He is. In His kingdom there is no hurt, there is no sorrow, there is no pain, no condemnation, no guilt and no fault finding. It is His love that heals and binds up your broken heart, His love that washes and removes the effects of criticism, faults, failures and condemnation.

Only His love removes rejection and brings you into peace and acceptance. In His presence there is no hate, no rejection, and no fault finding. In His presence is all the mercy you need for your heart and soul, all the love and joy that you desire. He is the only one that sees you perfect and wonderful and beautiful.

He is the only one that dreams about you and has all these wonderful plans and purposes that involve you.

There is only one “Lover of your Soul” and His name is Jesus. People will come and go. Some will love you, some will not. However, immersed in His love and His kingdom, the hurt and pain that others cause you result in a greater and deeper love relationship with the ONE who will never stop loving you, never stop caring for you; The One who will always hold and comfort you.

Be safe in His love. 😊



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  1. Greetings my dear friend and sister in The Lord..Im so encouraged by reading your inspired messages,truly it’s direct from the heart of God.In in bed since wed..I had severe back pain..all alone crying out to God for my healing..Im so encouraged by reading your love letter from The Lord.Now I don’t feel alone and rejected.I have my Jesus with me.love u.

  2. Hi Shirley

    I trust you are feeling much better and i am so glad that Jesus is your strength and comfort. Keep crying out to Him, He always hears you and will respond with His great love for you xx