Wild Ride!

I have to confess! Jesus is the wildest ride of my life. The more I seek Him in His sanctuary (within me) the more exciting He becomes and I just can’t get enough. This is my prayer for you too, that Jesus would be the wildest and most exciting Person in your life, and that seeking His kingdom would be the wildest ride of your life.

The thing is, when you start seeking, which actually means exploring, His kingdom within you, you find Him. As I began to journey inward, I know this sounds all spiritual, but it is, I have experienced things I never dreamed of, received wisdom and revelation that is way beyond anything I could imagine, and at the same time having more fun than ever before.

He is wonderfully enchanting!

The thing that really got me going was when He said that the most exciting and fun times that They (The Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit) have is when They get to establish their kingdom in me. I confess, I never thought of the Holy Spirit’s work in me as something that was “FUN”! Yet, we are the Lord’s pleasure and delight. YOU are His pleasure and delight! Yes, YOU. You make Him happy 😊

This might be a new concept to you, but the truth is that He delights in you and is always looking for an opportunity to blow your mind with joy. And there is nothing that will make the devil flee quicker than the joy of the Lord. The Bible says that the joy of the Lord is your strength, and it is – literally!

Today, spend some time (all day if possible) imagining God being HAPPY about you. And then, believe it. It will change your life.

Have a happy day 😊





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