Your Name!

Are you aware of how important your name is? I am not talking about the importance of your name here in the realm called earth, but in the realm of the spirit or heaven? Your name is also unique because it identifies who you are.

Even God is identified by His name. The name of Jesus carries power, grace and mercy, because that is who He is. In the same way your name carries power and authority, especially in the heavenly realms. You are known in the heavens, either as a child of God or as a child of the devil. Every human being has a name that is known in the heavenly or eternal realm.

When you understand that life is not about the food you eat or the clothes you wear, but about eternity, that you begin to know that there is far more to life than this temporary world you experience around you. The heavens, or heavenly places, are accessible to everyone. Every person is an eternal being but not every person is born of God.

Your name being written in the Book of Life is of highest importance and value because it gives you access to the highest heavens, the heaven in which God dwells, for all eternity. It is your NAME, associated with the NAME of Jesus Christ, that is the entire essence of this life. Jesus put it another way too, He said that if you confess Him before men He will confess you before the Father. This all has to do with His name and your name.

One of the great rewards promised to those who overcome in the book of Revelation is that the Lord will give to them a NEW NAME, that no one else knows but only the one to whom it is given. Have you ever wondered WHY He thinks it is so important to give you your own unique name in heaven? Other promises are that He will write HIS NAME upon you, or the NAME of the Father and the NAME of the city of our God. In short, heaven places much emphasis on your name.

When God talks about His plans and purposes for you, they are huge, exciting, full of life and eternal.

This life is nothing more than the soil in which to allow the revelation of Jesus Christ to become a real and living experience. You are passing through this world. It is not your home. It is not your destiny. It is not your future. It is a treasure hunt. It is a life in which you participate in a journey to find and store up treasure in heaven. And yes, you will need these treasures for the next part of your eternal journey.

However, the greatest part of this journey on earth is finding the “key” that leads to eternal life, and His NAME is Jesus Christ. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and believe in His death and resurrection, then your name is written in His Book of Life and you have free passage into His glory.

From there the journey continues … eternally!

Have a very happy day! 😂😂





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