Armed Robbery

Once in a while an evil day (or week, or month, or year) arrives on your doorstep. It was my turn last week. However, in every test and trial the Word of God is greater than the problems that you face.

I have been busy with a business project that was scheduled to launch on 29th June. But just like all pregnancies, the birth has its own timing. As the day approached, I knew that it would not happen, and my time had run out. I needed an extension, I needed grace. And in a wonderful manner the Lord gave me wisdom and I received grace for one more week!

But, before the day started on Monday, I received my first setback in that the project developer wanted to work from his office, but I insisted we work in mine. A short meeting with the director sorted this and we met at my office. The atmosphere was a little tense to begin with but we settled in and got on with business. I also called on one of my agents to do training on the new system. She came with her husband (also an agent) and her daughter. Once we had completed our training they continued with their normal real estate business in the office.

The office was quiet. Jonathan had left to tend to the needs of another agent and we were all working happily. Two neatly dressed and well-spoken clients arrived looking for a rental property. Friendly conversation transpired between them and Brenton who informed them that we do not do rentals but another branch does. They asked for the number which Brenton gladly gave them, except that he had to open the door to give them the number. Once the door opened it was a whole new story.

Producing firearms, they quietly began demanding the laptops, cell phones, rings and cash. I heard Marichris call me. The tone in her voice was not normal but I left my office to go see her at which point I walked into the presence of a man pointing a gun at me. A strange calm came over me as I stared into his eyes and I knew we would lose our stuff, but no harm would come to us. Within five minutes it was over. They commanded us to get down in the bathroom, which they could not lock as there was no key, and left.

Thereafter there was the usual dealing with the police, as we all processed the effects of the loss we had just suffered. But, each one of us had a supernatural peace as the presence of the Lord surrounded us. I left the office at the end of the day tired and without any means of contact and a project that seemed horribly delayed. The time I so desperately needed and had received now seemed lost. I went home frustrated but at peace.

I “suffered” through Tuesday without any phone or laptop. I could not send blogs, WhatsApp’s, emails, etc. I spent the day sorting out insurance claims and the promise of a new phone the following morning. In between that I used whatever phone was available to me for any urgent calls that needed to be made. At 4:30pm I received my new, beautiful new upgraded phone. I was back in communication with my world.

That evening I received a vicious and abusive verbal attack upon my character and business. I was left horrified and speechless. It was far worse than the robbery as it came from someone very dear to me. The feelings that arose from the rejection and the pain of the words sank deep into my soul. Instead of love and comfort came rejection and hate. I turned to the Lord and went deep into His love and I knew the only one who would see me through this was the lover of my soul.

In His presence I began to bless and praise Him. In His presence I saw my attackers and a deep love for them welled up within me and I began to bless them from deep within my soul. As I blessed them I saw their beauty as the wonderful creations of God that they were and felt how much He loved them. Suddenly the accusative voices in my head disappeared and waves of blessing poured out of me. As they did an unspeakable joy, filled with the presence and knowledge of the Lord filled my heart and soul.

On Thursday I was still not able to work as I had not yet received a new laptop, but the project was back on track and going beautifully. I had overcome the enemy of my soul and nothing phased me, no delay, no failure to do something, no love restored, but nothing could overcome the joy and peace that bubbled within me.

On Friday morning I was finally back in business and even though we did not launch this week either, a new week has begun and our launch is ahead. And while I do not know what challenges lie ahead this week, I know the wonderful power of love that is released through praying for and blessing your enemies. Love conquers all and with time even restores relationships that are broken.

Whatever you are facing, and I know there are many hard and harsh challenges out there, know that the Lord knows exactly where you are, what you are facing, and what is coming your way. The battle is not the physical circumstances that you face, the battle is against the voice of the accuser within your own heart and mind. He will accuse God before you for allowing these things to happen to you and will accuse others before you for what they have done to you. Be alert, your enemy does not prowl around on the outside of you, he prowls within you. Overcome him through consciously blessing your enemies and before long you will see him flee from you and you will place yourself in a position where God can restore all that has been broken and stolen from you.

Every test and trial, no matter how great, comes to train you in righteousness and holiness. Don’t waste or miss your opportunities. Look at your trial, smile in its face, lift your hands, lift your voice and allow your heart to praise the Lord and your soul to bless your enemies. Yours is the victory.

Your Father will never turn His back on you nor leave you alone.

To a glorious week! 💖


God bless, please share, encourage and comfort others. 👏

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  1. Thank you so much. It brings a lot of comfort to me this week. Trust me❤️

  2. It was a horrible experience but praise God for His peace and yes, we are called to bless and forgive.

  3. My heart goes out to you and your colleagues. We know that trauma likes to send us reminder letters, often at the most inopportune moments. I speak peace over you all and glorious victory when his postman (whoever that may be, friend or foe) comes knocking. Through it all, through it all, I’ve learned to trust in Jesus through it all!