Bound to Mercy!

So, what does mercy look like? And if God has bound you to mercy, what does that feel like?

In Romans 11:32 God says that He has bound all men (yes, ladies that includes you 😊) over to disobedience so that He might have mercy on them all. I particularly like the NASB translation.

For God has shut up all in disobedience so that He may show mercy to all.

There was something God did before He released His mercy. He declared that everyone is guilty of being disobedient. No argument there! So, He took the whole lot of us, put us all in the same “boat” and told us, “Shut up! Yes, you are all guilty. However, I love the whole lot of you, and because I love you, I am going to send MERCY! And ANYONE that wants to come over to MERCY will be forgiven, forever!

Anyone, regardless of who they are and what they have done is now eligible for MERCY!

Then the “boat” of MERCY came. Mercy came in the form of His Son, called Jesus. In Jesus everyone and anyone can come in and be bound to MERCY. For all those who live in His mercy this is what it looks and feels like.

When the disobedient fight and hurl accusations against you, the Father steps in front of you and says,

“Hey, shut up, this is My son/daughter and they are NOT GUILTY neither are they deserving of the accusations you are bringing against them! They are MINE! Their sin does not exist here! You are ignorant and don’t know what you’re talking about! For as long as you sit in the “boat” of disobedience you will never understand those who are in MERCY. However, anytime you want to, you are welcome to join us!”

Then He whisks you away in His arms of love and brings you safely into His heavenly kingdom where no one and nothing can hurt you or separate you from Him.

Being bound to God’s mercy does not mean we don’t do things wrong, it simply means we are forgiven because we have been bound to mercy. And mercy is God’s delight in those who belong to Him. Mercy triumphs over judgement – the judgmental and accusative voice of those who are still sitting in the “boat” of disobedience.

May your day be blessed, and your heart filled with the joy and love that is yours in Christ Jesus, who is known as THE MERCIFUL ONE!

You are bound to MERCY! 💝





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