I had an “emojinal” experience while working yesterday. I was simply minding my own business when I suddenly became overwhelmed by the Lord’s presence which had me burst into tears of gratitude which was then joined by waves of laughter. And there I was, sitting in front of my laptop laughing and crying at the same time – emotionally undone. I have shared this blog before but felt that I should share it again to strengthen and encourage you to enter this sweet heavenly place.

Becoming conscious of the love God has for you takes faith and time. The underlying power of God’s love is not to make you a worldly superstar, but rather to transform you into the image of Jesus Christ.

God’s love is the only thing that can take you higher into the realm and kingdom of God. When you position yourself in His love within you, things will begin to shift and change. The Lord’s greatest desire is to have you come to the place where you are totally transfigured, just like He was on the Mount of Olives. Of course, this image, for the most part, is very far from your imagination of yourself. However, this is what the Lord has in His heart concerning you.

So, how do you do this? For me, the best time is in bed, but you might prefer sitting in a chair or lying on the floor. Just before you go to sleep, or when you are relaxed, do the exercise I’m about to share with you and then do it again when you wake up. Be comfortable and relaxed. Breath deeply a few times, put soft instrumental music on if you must, or just let silence surround you.

Once you are settled, close your eyes and focus on your heart. Now imagine your heart as the place where there is perfect love. Look for the Lord in this place. This is your secret place, it is where God abides so there is nothing you can do “wrong” here. Trust what you see and feel. Imagine a place where no one and nothing can get at you. Imagine heaven, for this is where heaven is. Then step into this place. I normally imagine the Lord standing there inviting me into Him, like going through an invisible shield or veil. But don’t look for what I see, Jesus will appear to you in His own way for He knows you.

Once you have stepped in look at Him and then see yourself the same way. He is light, you are light. He is love, you are love. He is patient, you are patient. Let your soul (your mind, will, emotions, feelings, etc) come into this place. Here there is no condemnation or guilt. As He is, so are you. He is perfect, you are perfect. He is sinless, you are sinless.

In the beginning you may find your thoughts slip out of this place and go back to where they are comfortable. That’s okay. Breathe in and go back into your secret place where there is nothing but unconditional and unending love. As you practice it will become easier.

If you find that you feel guilty and ashamed in this place, don’t panic or run away. When your mind has been filled with guilt and condemnation and failure to perform, which is religious junk, it feels very awkward and little devils that occupy your thoughts hate it here. That’s wonderful! When you feel unworthy look for the “why.” Once you have identified why you feel this way then separate yourself from it and give it to Jesus. Once He has taken it let His peace, love and mercy wash over you. There is no fighting or warfare in this place. If you feel yourself going into warfare you have stepped out of the love of God. Step back in. Learn to rest in His love.

You will know when you have entered into His love when you begin to feel and experience joy. It just comes. His love is soft and gentle, and it will produce the biggest smiles you’ve ever had. Other times you will find yourself laughing at “nothing.” And then there are times when His love is so overwhelming you cry. The best is when your laugh and cry at the same time. You become “emojonal,” my way of explaining the feeling you get when you laugh and cry at the same time. Only the Lord can produce this strange emotionally blissful state within you.

How long this takes you to experience is irrelevant. This place is not bound to space and time. This is the realm of heaven. One thing it will do is affect your sleep and dream state. You will become far more aware of the presence of the Lord and if you have been plagued by nightmares or demonic dreams they will stop. Jesus will deal with them in His space and time.

The Father is calling you into His presence, into His arms of love, into His power. He is passionate about you and desires to share His infinite plans and purposes with you. Go in and enjoy yourself.

Be “emojinal!” 😁😥😂🤣😭😛😜


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