Ephesus 12

In the Garden of Eden Satan (alias Nicolaitan) ever so subtly began to exercise authority over Adam and Eve through persuasive conversation. His conversation was engaging and interesting as he helped them with their daily activities in the garden. There was no reason to suspect anything sinister behind the scenes.

But, over the course of time they found themselves more involved in their conversations with Satan and themselves than they did with Jesus. Was this because Jesus was not available until the end of the day? NO! But just like them, He desires for you to seek Him out. They had access to Jesus, the Father, the Holy Spirit, the angels and every other being and created thing in heaven and on earth. They could choose where and when they wanted to do something and whom they wished to do it with. Everything was theirs.

Maybe another day had gone by without a visit to the Lord’s house. After all, they had a lot to do. Yet who or what were they told to subdue? Was it Lucifer? If so, what was it that he was doing that he had not always done? All he did was help them and have conversations with them. These conversations, however, stirred up new thoughts within Adam and Eve. Thoughts that questioned God’s Word, His wisdom, and His authority. They became busier with the activities of the Garden. Fellowship with the Lord would have to wait till tomorrow. All Satan had to do was keep them busy with the affairs of life. The more they stayed away from loving Jesus the better.

Remember, there were two trees in the garden. The tree of life stood there in its regal splendour beckoning them to come and partake of its mystery. But their lives were already so filled with glory and splendour the need just wasn’t that great. Another day. One day. Tomorrow we will come and eat. The days went by and the still small whisper of the tree’s voice wafted away into the garden.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil stood tall and regal in its splendour. An aura of amazing beauty, mystery and awe surrounded it. This one though came with a frightful warning. Safer not to go near this one.

Why did they not ask the Lord about the mysteries the trees held? Did they know what would happen if they ate from either of them. Do you think they understood what the term death really meant? Do you think they understood what the term life really meant? Did they understand anything about these two trees and the mysteries they held? Would God have told them? If they had asked, yes, He would but the choice to eat would still be theirs.

Imagine …

It was a beautiful day. The sun had risen high and it gently warmed the inhabitants of earth. A breeze wafted through the nearby oak and sparkles of light flickered off the golden benches beneath them. In the distance the tree of life shimmered. A little further the tree of knowledge stood tall and majestic in a meadow filled with an unending array of resplendent ground covers.

Adam put his arm around Eve as they walked through the trees in the garden watching the birds flying overhead and animals scurrying around. Look there, he whispered to Eve. Lying low and ready to pounce was a glistening green snake flicking its tongue. Close by a little brown and black squirrel scurried about.

The snake waited, still and quiet. WHAM! It pounced on the unsuspecting little squirrel who squealed in delight as the snake tickled her ear with his tongue and gently curled his body around her to give her a hug. She nestled into him as they shared a delightful and loving moment together. Then, just as suddenly, she darted out of his grasp and ran up the nearest tree. From her perch in the branch above him she looked down and smiled, daring him to chase her up the tree. He flicked his tongue as he contemplated her dare.

Adam and Eve roared with delight. The snake was so cunning! Even the birds had to be vigilant. They knew he would pounce on them if given half a chance. Nothing was too big or too small for him. He would pounce on anything that ventured into his space. Everyone and everything knew about this crafty trickster! They adored him!

WHAM! Just as suddenly Lucifer pounced upon an unsuspecting Adam and Eve. “Oi! You gave me a fright!” Eve shouted as she punched him on the arm. He smiled at her as he dodged the next blow. After exchanging hugs and greetings they chatted as they walked through the garden. Flowers sang as they walked by, the grass tickled their feet and the river splashed in delight as animals jumped and dived in it.

“Have you thought much about these two trees in the Garden?” Lucifer enquired of Adam. “Yes, I have.” Adam replied. Eve was busy patting a pony that had come to say hello. She joined the conversation and looked questioningly at the trees. They really were spectacular. “I wonder what mysteries these trees hold?” Then she darted of to chase some rabbits.

Adam and Lucifer continued their conversation as they sat down under the giant oak overlooking the field with the tree of knowledge in its midst.

Eve looked in amazement at Lucifer’s beauty as she returned to join them. He shone like the sun and the precious stones that covered him dazzled in splendour. His voice rang with the most enchanting sounds of music and his wisdom was astounding. What a wonderful companion. He outshone every other angel and watching him move and fly about was delightful. Eve wondered at the beauty of this creation of the Father’s and was grateful in her heart to Him for blessing them with such an enchanting being as their watcher and companion.

She joined the conversation. They had often spoken about the trees but mostly the one that stood before them in such regal splendour. The smell of its fruit so appetising. “I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks,” she quipped. Every tree in the garden bore the most delightful and delicious fruits. But nothing compared to the mystical fruit and the knowledge it contained. Anyway, God said not to touch it nor to eat it.

Why did Lucifer and Adam always like coming here and talking about this tree anyway?

To be continued …

Be enchanted! 🤩


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  1. This was a good read and just as imaginative, literally and spiritually. Way to go Yvonne!