Ephesus 14

Eve had touched the tree and its forbidden fruit. She began to believe what Lucifer had been saying. Nothing had happened, could he be right? Maybe Father is just teasing her, and He simply put this tree here for them. Father was not withholding it from her. Besides, what did “die” mean anyway. What wisdom is there in “good and evil.” The mystery was intriguing. Lucifer had said that she would be just like God. She wondered what that would be like. Any thoughts about the tree of life were far from her mind.

She would have to take it into her being before she could know and experience the things that God knew about good and evil. Lucifer was her trusted friend and Adam did not seem to be worried about it. “Don’t do this!” The thought startled her, and she jumped away from the tree. “What happened!” Lucifer asked with great concern in his voice. She shook in fear. He gently put his arm around her to comfort her as he sang the praises of God. Adam joined in and sang with them.

“Eve, you know nothing bad will happen to you. You can eat this fruit, and all will be okay. I promise that this will not hurt you.” Lucifer’s voice was calm but firm. She looked at Adam with her charming, “Please can I,” look. He smiled. He can’t resist her. She looks so happy. “Do not eat from this tree!” He heard the Father’s voice in his heart.

Eve sat and stared, longing to eat. Lucifer’s voice became firm. Gentle, but firm. “Eve, what are you waiting for? Stop playing games and do what you want to do. Eat that fruit!” For the first time she feared Lucifer. His voice had a different tone. She reached for the fruit. Still nothing happened.

She was mesmerised by its smell, its look, and its feel. This is so beautiful. “Eat!” came the firm command from Lucifer. Even Adam was startled. Eve ate the fruit. Nothing. Nothing happened. She felt no different, looked no different. She ate some more and then gave some to Adam.

A thousand thoughts ran through his mind. Why has nothing happened. He looked at Lucifer. “See, nothing! I told you so.” Lucifer quipped. Again, Eve held out the fruit to Adam and told him not to be a sissy and eat. He knew he shouldn’t. Where is God. I need to stop this. “Adam, what are you waiting for. Nothing has happened to me. Lucifer was right. Father was just teasing us. Eat with me.” Eve held the fruit to his lips as her eyes gazed into his soul. He smiled and ate.

Lucifer smiled in triumph. He had persisted in his endeavour to get them to disobey God. Now they were his. He was lord over them. All that they have and all that they are now belongs to him. Finally, finally he had their crown. Now God would elevate him above them. Now he would get the right to ascend to the throne of God and sit on it. Now he had Adam’s throne! He roared in laughter!

“Adam, what’s happening!” Eve shouted as fear coursed through her body. “Where is the light? Why is it so dark and cold! Where has all our splendour gone? Why do we look so strange?” Eve began to sob for the first time in her life. “Shut up! It’s all your fault! I should never have listened to you! Look what you’ve done!” Adam flared up in anger. She shuddered. Who was this? Why was he so mean? Her heart ached within her. She tried to come to him for comfort, but he pushed her away. She cried. He fumed. Lucifer laughed.

And so, the story continues. Satan still lords it over humanity. Men and women, husbands and wives, siblings and animals all trying to exert their own rights against each other. The Nicolaitan spirit is vicious and ungodly. Its primary objective is to draw you away from the protective commands of the Father into self-righteousness and rebellion. Its consequences bring death and destruction to the body, soul and spirit.

It is your own self-righteousness and rebellion that you need to overcome. The only way to do this is to develop a first love relationship with the Lord. He is the only one that can hold you firmly in His hand to protect you. He lives in you and is with you in all you do. As you consciously engage your thoughts with His and come to Him for your life and protection, you will find your sweet union with the Lord and the strength to subdue the Nicolaitan spirit that desires to control you. And as you do the Lord will introduce you to the tree of life and give you its fruit to eat, which will give you everything you need for life and godliness.

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