Ephesus 15

Adam and Eve found themselves in a world that was dark and foreign. Gone was the glory and the splendour that they had in the garden. They had disobeyed the Lord and accepted Lucifer’s lie. Now they had a new lord, and he would be nothing like their Father.

With sin came death. Death now reigned over them instead of life. Lucifer had subdued them, and a time of horror began. However, Adam and Eve did not belong to Satan and neither did the earth. In spite of what transpired, Jesus came looking for them and did not stop until He had found them. Once He found them, He took care of their needs and let them know how their actions were going to affect them going forward.

And then He condemned Lucifer. He vowed to come and restore man to His rightful place, and never to forgive Lucifer for what he had done. Lucifer, whose name changed to Satan, meaning Accuser, and his angels God condemned to the lake of fire which He created for them. No human needs to go there. However, accepting the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to atone for sin is a personal choice and God will not violate this choice. To reject Jesus as Lord is to accept Satan as lord. Simple as that. Hell is not God’s desire, it’s man’s desire.

Please note, there has never been and never will be a fight between Jesus and Satan. Jesus is God and Satan is a created being. He has no strength to fight God. He has power and authority against humanity, not God. Satan comes to accuse, steal, kill and destroy humanity because humanity willingly submits to him. He knows God operates on legal principles and will never violate His Word. Satan used accusation against God as his weapon in the garden and he still uses the same weapon against humanity today. He knows the high value God has placed on the human will and the power of choice that we have.

In all God’s dealings with humanity His goal has been to teach us about the power of our own choices. We choose life or death and once we have chosen, we release the power of that choice into the atmosphere with our words. These words authorise Satan and his demons to act violently against us. Then they come and talk to humanity in their minds telling them that it is all God’s fault. After all, if God really loved you why is this evil happening to you?

If we want to see change come and really desire to live peaceful and prosperous lives here on earth we will need to grow up and stop playing the blame game – you did it, no he did it, no she did it, no the government did it – etc, etc. As the Church we need to take responsibility for the condition this world is in because Jesus has conquered hell and the grave. Death no longer has legal lordship over the planet, WE DO!

In Jesus’ letter to the Ephesians He highlights the hate He has for the Nicolaitan spirit – the blame it on someone else syndrome. Blame shifts the responsibility away from you to someone else. When you do this, you place yourself under Satan’s control. This is opposite to what Jesus demonstrated on the cross. He was the only one NOT GUILTY, yet He chose to become one of us so that He could take the blame for our sin. Once He did so He overcame and subdued the devil and became the ruler of the kingdoms of this world. Then, in love, He returned that responsibility back over to us, BECAUSE WE LIVE ON THE PLANET, and told us to follow His example.

In the next blog I will share with you how the Lord taught me the power of this principle and its results in my life.

Take the blame! 😱🙈


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