Ephesus 17

Finally, Jesus makes a promise to those who overcome, or subdue, the weaknesses He revealed to His beloved saints.

This reward is the wonderful, eternal, promise to the right to eat from the Tree of Life. This tree stood tall and majestic in the Garden of Eden, and still does. Why Adam and Eve did not choose to eat this fruit first we may not know, all we do know is that God blocked the entrance to that tree and removed their right to eat from it.

What is the glorious mystery of this tree? Is it salvation and eternal life? Possibly, but in Jesus’s letter to Ephesus He is already talking to His redeemed. They were already born from above. They already belonged to Him and were partakers of eternal life. The question is whether or not salvation is a fruit or a gift. Scripture says it is a free gift given to all those who choose to accept it; therefore, it could not be a fruit. What do you think?

Jesus said that to those who overcome He would give the right to eat or partake of its fruit. The question we need to explore is, “What is this fruit, how do we ‘eat’ it, and what does it do once we have done so.”

This will be the wonder that we will explore next week, it’s a mystery … 😇🙏😂💝

Have a blessed weekend and I pray it is filled with much joy, happiness, and rest.


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