Ephesus 3

Once the Lord has said, “Hello My darling,” to the Church in Ephesus He reveals or unveils a part of who He is to her. He does this with every one of His letters. He never addresses her issues, both good and bad, before He has first revealed an aspect of His incredible love for her.

He has a beautiful gift in mind for her, which He will present to her if she is willing to respond to Him and His desires. He is a mysterious romantic.

Our son-in-law Peter is a romantic man. When he fell in love with Giselle, he would set up all kinds of “hide and go seek” games and other surprises for her. She would receive her first letter in which he told her something romantic and endearing and then an instruction concerning what to do next. She had to follow the instructions of each letter before she reached the prize that he had waiting for her. That prize was himself! 😊 Then came romantic dinners, etc.

I see the Lord doing the same thing here in the book of Revelation. The ultimate prize is to sit with Him on His throne for all eternity, but to get there we must learn certain things about Him and follow His instructions. This is like a marriage relationship in which the wife gets to know something wonderful about her husband. She submits to his instructions because she knows he has rewards or blessings he has planned to shower her with. However, without obedience or submission, there is no way to reach the prize.

Jesus, in His letters to you and me, has done the same thing. He is anything but boring! It’s much like the game kids play where one is blindfolded, and the others have to guide them to the goal by telling them they are getting hotter or colder. This would give them the direction they are to go in. Sounds a bit like when He says to Laodicea that He wishes she was either hot or cold and not lukewarm. In other words, please get into the game so that we can reach our prize – which is to sit with Him on His throne!

In the letters Jesus reveals the things that are “hot” and those that are “cold.” The clues to achieving the goals are disclosed in the things that we are getting right and those that we are failing at. In every case, the clue to overcoming, or winning the prize, is found in the revelation of who He is. Therefore, whenever you are having a struggle with something in your life, find the letter that is applicable to your situation and then focus on getting to know that aspect of Him.

As you progress in your relationship with the Lord remember the following;

Jesus is NEVER harsh, judgmental, or mean towards His church.

If He instructs husbands not to be harsh with their wives, then you know He will never be harsh with you. If you ever find yourself hearing messages that are harsh, judgmental, or critical towards the Church, please sit up and pay attention. Is this the Lord speaking or the opinion of the messenger?

Jesus does correct, teach, instruct, and discipline you, but this is for your good and for your protection from the wicked works of the enemy, and not because He has an issue with you. Like a father training a son, so is the Lord with you. He may get firm at times, but He is always gentle, kind and patient in His dealings with you. He will keep centering you and re-positioning you in the knowledge of who He is and His love for you so that you will have the comfort and strength you need to overcome.

He is raising you up to very high heights! 🌟🌠

Scripture References: Rev 2:1; Col 3:19


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