Ephesus 4

There are special gifts the Lord has given to His Church and to you personally so that you can accomplish the heavenly assignment you are responsible for. These gifts are angels!

There are other gifts that the Lord has given which we know as apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists. They are the “physical” gifts that the Lord has given to you and their purpose is to educate and train you so that you can carry out your assignment. Please note: They are given as gifts to serve YOU. You are not a gift given to serve them so that they can lord it over you!

You have your own personal angel assigned to you at the time you were conceived in your mother’s womb. This angel will never leave you. His assignment is to minister to you, with you, and for you. Just as each church has an angel assigned to them, so you have one assigned to you. As you grow in your function in the Lord, He may assign other angels to you.

There is a beautiful trinity that the Lord reveals to His darling (Ephesus). There is you (the Church), the angels and the Lord. All three have a part to play in the divine, eternal, plan that God has for your life and the Church. Learning to become aware of and how to interact with angels is important if you want to overcome the things of this world and to sit with Him on His throne.

Remember, talking to someone is different from worshipping them. To worship means to bow down before them and to exalt them above yourself. Your angel will NOT allow you to do this.

Angels will always point your worship to Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit, and Them alone. However, many saints are afraid to think about angels, let alone talk to them.

Yet here, in Jesus’ first letter to His beloved saints He introduces them to angels and throughout the book of Revelation angels are interacting with Jesus and the saints.

Jesus holds the angels in His right hand, but you sit with Him at His right hand. His right hand stands for His power and authority. All three of you have divine power and authority in your positions and interactions with each other. Just as the Lord sent angels to Mary, Joseph, and others, He will choose times when your angel will carry instructions to you. Learning about and working with angels is vital if you are to overcome the enemy of your soul.

Again, let’s remember our three dimensions – spiritual, mental, and physical. Jesus rules over all three, however, angels work in the invisible realm of the soul, and we work in the physical realm. All three of you have the power and ability to move in and out of these realms. Jesus has set up a trinity. Without this trinity we would not be able to set up the end goal, which is to see the eternal kingdom of heaven and the reign of Jesus Christ come to earth.

Let me share a testimony of how this worked for me in my business. I had been feeling heavy and depressed where the business was concerned. There was nothing visibly wrong and the business was performing well, so I knew I had no physical reason for the way I was feeling. I began to worship in the spirit when I suddenly found myself sitting on the roof of the building with the Lord, overlooking the suburbs in front of me. As I sat there, I saw a huge angel swoop down through the building and chase a demon out. They shot through the roof and I saw swords and flashes of light as they disappeared into the heavens. Suddenly I stood in the passage of the building and the following declaration came out of my mouth, “I am the resident, spiritual, authority in this house!”

Then the experience was over, and I sat in my room wondering what had just happened. A month or so later all hell seemed to break out in the business. In one week, God exposed three people that had been stealing from me and doing deals behind my back.

What happened? The Lord knew there was a problem in the business that needed to attention. Because these people were my friends, I could not see any evil. The “bad” feelings that I began to feel was the Lord walking “in the midst” of my life. My angel was also aware of the demonic powers behind the scenes. However, neither of them could do anything until I came into my position of authority in prayer. As I fellowshipped with the Lord, He was able to pull us all together, and together, we carried out the victory over the enemy.

Since I repented of my false belief that “it is forbidden” to talk to or engage angels, I have become more aware of them in my daily life and activities. I don’t see them like some people do, however, I am consciously aware of their presence and this brings great comfort and joy, especially when fear comes knocking at my door.

Have an angelic day! 😇😇

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