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Have you ever wondered why God begins with night, progresses into day and ends with “it is good!”? Go check it out in Genesis 1.

Have you ever noticed that when you start believing for something (finance, healing, deeper intimacy with God), you have an idea in mind as to what the end should look like, but when you begin it looks impossible? When you begin nothing is in order. In fact, it looks chaotic and impossible. It is more like a mystery and not a reality!

Take heart and notice that even God started His creation in darkness. Darkness is NOT always evil. God was not looking at evil when He began creating, He was beholding the mystery of what was to come out of the darkness and into the light.

This is so, even when it comes to His work in you. There may be things that look like darkness, but God is not finished with you yet. When He is, you will be fully revealed in the magnificent light of God, and you will look and feel and smell just like Jesus! Don’t lose heart or faith where your life with the Lord is concerned. You are His workmanship and He will finish what He has started.

True, you may resist and have some issues, but these are the mysteries that He is working out in you. Some things in you will be removed, some will remain and come into their fulness. Neither is God governed by time. Many times, we feel hopeless because we think we should be perfect already. But you will never be perfect without the Holy Spirit’s creative and sanctifying work within you. The secret is in going into His “workshop” which is your heart or the secret place within you.

It is in this place, where you are alone with Him that He begins speaking over you. His words are His creative power. They sanctify and cleanse you, transforming you into the image of Jesus. He sees the mystery of God in you, and He works His words in you till you come into the fulness of His light. God is in the process of revealing you as His son or daughter, and when you are fully fashioned and formed in Him He will stand back and say, “This is good, I am well pleased with you!”

I encourage you to imitate God in how He operates. There may be areas in your life that seem to be hidden in darkness. Know that the mystery that is there will be revealed as you work with that situation with words of blessing and faith, all the while having your emotions filled with love and gratitude for that which is “coming forth!”

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