faithful and true

Faithful and True

Part 2


Let’s continue looking at what Jesus means by being God’s faithful and true witness.  He wants you to know Him as faithful and true so let’s have a look at what these two words mean. We will begin with the word faithful and deal with the word truth in the next blog. (Or read Part 1 here)


Firstly, it means to be LOYAL. Loyalty is a steadfast, immovable, and unshakable expression of affection, meaning that Jesus’ affection for you never changes. Regardless of a bad day, a bad moment, a bad thought, or a bad action, Jesus’ affection for you is unaffected. His feelings, emotions, and affections for you are constant. You can always depend on Him to be faithful to you no matter what.


Secondly, the word faithful means to be CONSCIENTIOUS. In this regard Jesus affirms His adherence to His promises. He does not sway from what He has said, and neither will He change His mind about the promises He has made to you. He’s absolutely fixed, steadfast, and firm in His thoughts about you and He adheres to them. He will not change His Word from one thing to another. He does not say, “Today I will heal you and tomorrow I won’t.” He’s not going to say, “Today I will provide for you but tomorrow I won’t.” He is faithful to His promises to you, and you can fully depend upon Him to be faithful.

To be conscientious also means to be faithful in observance to a duty. This means Jesus is faithful to carry out His promise to you. He has bound Himself to His Word like an oath and will not break it. He is duty bound to you and has made Himself to be the responsible person for your salvation and eternal life. Because of His commitment to His covenant, you can rest assured that He will also take care of everything else you need; in this life and in the one to come.


Thirdly, the word faithful means BINDING. To bind means something is given with strong assurance. So, in this context Jesus binds you to Himself with cords of love. These cords are His strong reassuring words confirming His love for you. And these cords cannot be broken. You belong to Him and nothing and no one will ever be able to break His affection for you. He has bound and committed Himself to you and you to Him.

True to Facts

Fourthly, the word faithful meant to be true to facts, to a standard, or two an original. Understanding Jesus faithfulness to facts becomes important especially when He declares Himself as the ruler of all God’s creation. This is in direct opposition to the teaching of evolution. In no uncertain terms Jesus reveals Himself as the Creator and His creation gives substantial fact and evidence to creation, and therefore a Creator.

Full of Faith

Fifthly, the word faithful, from a Scriptural perspective, also means to be full of faith. Faith is intricately connected to truth and hence we have Jesus as both God’s faithful and true witness.

In our next blog we will look at the definition of the word true and how it relates to your relationship with Jesus. Remember, He is calling you to sit with Him on His throne. Therefore, it is important that your relationship with Him is deeply rooted in His faithful and consistent love for you.


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