Laodicea- faithful and true

Faithful and True

Laodicea 4

In conjunction with Jesus’ revealing Himself to the saints in Laodicea as the Amen is His being God’s Faithful and True Witness.

If you want to sit with the Lord on His throne, then knowing Him as faithful and true is crucial. Firstly, because your faith in this world comes under severe testing. Secondly, if you do not have a firm faith in Him as the Amen your chances of overcoming your enemy decrease.

The enemy the saints in Laodicea need to overcome is not an external demonic entity or person that is making trouble. Rather, the enemy they face is the one that stares back at them in the mirror. In this beautiful letter Jesus comes to teach and discipline them in becoming faithful and true to Him.

High Calling, High Hopes

The letter to Laodicea is the only letter which does not deal with any external enemies. The enemy they face is the one that stares back at them in the mirror. This means you are the subject matter that Jesus is dealing with. In this beautiful letter Jesus comes to teach and discipline you in becoming faithful and true to Him as His child because you are an heir to His Kingdom.

Can you see how high the calling of God is to you and the great honour that He is offering you as well. Take a moment and think about what it would be like to sit on the Father’s throne. God really has high hopes for you, doesn’t He? Now you need to develop high hopes in yourself because ruling from such a great place of honour means you will need to think differently. You cannot think of yourself merely as a human being with worldly status and wealth.

As such you need to learn to think like He does from a heavenly perspective. He will also be training you how to operate the laws of His kingdom.

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God …

Philippians 2:5-6

Thinking like Jesus

So, if you want to sit at His right hand then you need to take on His thoughts. This means preparing yourself for serious training in righteousness and you must be willing to be corrected too. This correction is often painful as it will mean making earthly sacrifices. And by that I do not mean giving all your money away! However, if God tells YOU personally to do so as part of your training then do so but make sure you hear His instruction to you and then follow Him. Do not follow the whims and manipulation of another person.

This journey with Jesus can be lonely at times in the sense that others may not understand what He requires of you. This calling is;to live a life that is faithful and true to the knowledge of His righteousness and holiness. which means not just on Sundays but every day, all day. If you choose to embark on this journey with the Lord, then consider what He says further on in His letter.

To the one who conquers I will give the right to sit with Me on My throne, just as I conquered and have sat down with My Father on His throne.

Revelation 3:21

An Amen

Remember, Jesus won His greatest victory while being crucified. Harsh, cruel, and false accusations were hurled at Him. Certainly people will do this to you too if you want the honour of sitting on the highest throne in the universe. And if you decide to get serious with God and say, “Yes,” then be prepared for moments where you feel like He is spitting you out of His mouth. (I will cover more of this in an upcoming blog.)

God is not literally spitting you out. This is simply an expression used for severe discipline, much like a new recruit to the army. Boot camp is tough. Becoming a king and a priest in the kingdom of heaven is the toughest of all.

To sum it up, God not only thinks you are ready, He knows you are. The question is, “Are you ready?”

Are you ready to become an Amen, one of God’s faithful and true witnesses? 😊

I know you are! 😊

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