Godly Wealth

Is there a difference between godly wealth and normal wealth? What is wealth? To most of us wealth has to do with money, which is a VERY BIG part of everyone’s life. Finance is a big issue and necessity in life but is there a difference between financial wealth and godly wealth?

There were two words the Holy Spirit impressed upon me this morning and they are contentment and complacent. To be content means to be happy and satisfied and being complacent means to be satisfied with how things are and not wanting them to change. They seem to mean the same however there is a subtle difference. The one is a state of being happy and satisfied with where you are right now while you are growing and moving forward. The other is a state of satisfaction without wanting to move forward and grow.

When it comes to financial wealth you need to be happy with where you are, with your salary and your status. And in that place of contentment, do what you are employed to do with a good and happy attitude and wait for the Lord to promote you. If you get promoted great! If you don’t, great! Be happy and satisfied with your pay. (Learn to live within your means)

Godly wealth, however, is something completely different. It has nothing to do with money at all. Yet it is the greatest wealth that you can get. Godly wealth is about storing up treasure in heaven which is wealth that is yours to work with in eternity. Godly wealth is accumulated through the pursuit of righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.

We have been taught to make financial provision for our old age and our welfare, but what about our need for wealth once we leave the planet? There will be wealth in heaven and there will be things we need to do with that wealth. My question is, how are you doing with making provision for your eternal function and position? What a sad day to leave this planet having pursued money just to end up leaving it all behind and finding out that we have lost the greatest wealth of all.

I pray that the Lord open the eyes of your understanding so that you may know His plans and desires regarding His kingdom and you place in it. May you reach the dreams He has for you and achieve your purpose in Him. And may your eternal inheritance be great! 😊

In the pursuit of godliness!






Scripture References: 1 Timothy 6:1-21

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