God’s Hand!

Have you ever thought about the hand of God? If He has a “physical” hand what does it look like? Just a thought, but there are Scriptures that talk about the hand of the Lord and it is quite interesting.

His hand is associated with both blessing and cursing, and the idea of God being both the blesser and then the curser leaves people confused as to the nature and character of God. We are taught that God is love and that in Him there is no darkness, yet the works of darkness are often attributed to God. What is going on here?

It begins with identifying who is who. Jesus came to reveal the Father and to reveal the devil, who had cloaked himself really well up to that time. Jesus demonstrated the love of God towards humanity and attributed violent acts to Satan. God heals, delivers, restores and forgives. Satan hates, steals, kills, and destroys anything he can get his hands on.

It has to do with the hand of God. When you submit yourself under the mighty ‘hand of God’ you come into a position where you are able to resist the works of darkness and Satan flees from you in terror. Submission to God is to place yourself under the knowledge of God’s love for you. When you acknowledge the goodness of God in the face of that which is evil you come under the hand of God. The Lord’s hand sets up a force field around you that restrains the power of darkness from advancing against you.

However, when people deliberately choose to love evil and unrighteousness, the Lord is compelled to honour their will, and removes His hand and can no longer restrain the power of death and destruction and Satan is able to restrain God. As a result, God has to give them over to their ungodly ways and place them into the hands of a god that does not love them. Worst of all, when Satan brings death and destruction, people blame God.

Know this, God’s desire is for everyone, believer and unbeliever, to come under His hand. His love extends towards every human being. God hates the violence, death and destruction, that comes as a result of sin. He hates Satan having any kind of access to His marvellous creation, but as God, He will never violate the will of the people or a person.

The choice is yours today. Do you choose to come under His hand by acknowledging He is good, ALL THE TIME, and live a life of righteousness, peace and joy in a relationship with Him, or is your choice to submit to that which is ungodly and lawless? Either way, YOUR OWN thoughts and actions will determine whose hand you come under.

May the hand of the Lord, all His mercy, favour, and goodness, rest upon you and bless you! 😊





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