Good OR Evil?

Is it good or is it evil?

This is a question that intrigued my thoughts as we travelled along our beautifully tarred and completed roadways. I was not thinking about the road when the thought occurred, I was thinking about the marvels of technology, in particular cell phones. Are they good or are they evil?

When it comes to the physical piece of hardware it is neither good nor evil. It only manifests itself once someone engages or interacts with it. It is a wonderful piece of technology with amazing capability for good. I interact with far more people now than I ever did in the past. I am able to do things I could never do without it. I can listen to the Gospel and grow in my faith. I can worship and sing, encourage and learn.

However, as wonderful as it is, it is subtly destructive. There are games, movies, YouTube and Facebook to devour my time and draw my enchantment with God away to an enchantment with the world. Obviously, they have their manifest side for the development of hate, murder, gossip, slander etc. The bottom line is technology is both good and evil at the same time.

Our beautiful roads are wonderful to drive on, yet they pose life threatening possibilities at the same time. Music is both good and evil. Medicine is good and evil. Food is good and evil. In fact, everything in this world is good and evil at the same time. This is because it all comes from the fruit of one tree called the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil. Everything we engage with in this world is both good and evil, and neither the good side nor the evil side is of the kingdom of God or heaven.

Our function as believers in Jesus Christ is to bring into this world the knowledge of the Son of God and the rulership, or operation, of the kingdom of heaven. You are an Ambassador of heaven with an assignment to bring heaven to earth and to destroy the works – THE KNOWLEDGE – of the devil. This does not mean rejecting technology or roads or medicine or music, it means bringing the KNOWLEDGE of the Son of God into these places.

You are called to establish the Kingdom of Heaven in your OWN life and to introduce it to those around you. Many times, we are asked about, or wonder what, our calling in life is and it is simply this, to establish heaven on earth in your life. Use everything at your disposal to promote Jesus. Release love, joy and peace to everyone you come in contact with. Speak kindness and be gentle. Overlook the faults and failures of others (and your own) and release them.

Have fun in all you do and remember that …






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