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While walking on the beach one morning the Lord asked me whether I ever thought or cared about how the fish behave towards one another? Do I ever see any fault in them or condemn them because of how they behave in a storm? When I think of them, what do I see? Nope, I never really thought about the fish.

I see fish according to the way I have seen them swimming in a fish tank. I see their beautiful colours and admire them. I think they’re beautiful. I get excited when I see the dolphins swim passed,even if they are not “performing.” I certainly pay no attention to a fight between two dolphins and either one is still as beautiful and exciting to me regardless of whether they have had a fight or surfed a wave for me. In fact, I have never considered that fish, fight! I just think of fish swimming in the ocean or a fish tank and that they are beautiful!

“I see you the same way,” came the gentle voice of the King. “To Me you are beautiful and perfect. I don’t change the way I see you just because you’ve had a fight or haven’t “performed” for Me.”

For the rest of the walk we chatted about me and fish. It became a whole sermon, but I will try and share it in a blog or two 😊. I will let the Holy Spirit share the rest with you personally.

Think about the last time you had a fight with another believer. What thoughts and emotions triggered inside you? Did you feel you were in the right and they were wrong? How did it make you feel before God? What do you think God thinks about you? What do you think He feels about the other person? Does God agree with you or does He seem to favour the other person?

The truth is God does not love and favour one Christian above another. To Him it’s not the fight that matters. Both believers are still just as beautiful and holy before Him as they were before the fight. He is NOT going to leave or forsake either party!What matters to Him is how everyone is going to deal with the fallout in their own hearts before Him.

Whether you have done right or wrong, the Holy Spirit is not going to quit on you! He is there to teach you and train you in the way of righteousness. You are His son or daughter, and NOTHING is going to change that. He forgave you for ALL you sin and failures BEFORE you even thought of them!

You were created righteous and holy in Him BEFORE the world began, you are righteous and holy in this world because you are His and will always be righteous and holy in eternity. You are righteous, you are holy, you are pure, and you are lovely IN HIM! You are His most magnificent and majestic creation. You HAVE been created to be just like Him in true righteousness and holiness.

You are holy, beautiful, justified and made righteous, not because of what you do but because of what Jesus did. When you were born again you were birthed in the spirit realm, within your body, as a brand-new creation. You are of the same form and substance that Jesus is made from. He is light, you are light. He is love, you are love. He is sinless, you are sinless. He is righteous, you are righteous. He is holy, you are holy. As He is so are you, right now, in this world and the life you live in it!

Just because two fish have a fight does not mean they have changed their form and structure. They are still two fish. Just because you have a fight with another believer does not change the fact that you are still both a new creation, and as new creations you are both without fault and criticism before God. To understand this, however, you need to think from a heavenly perspective. If you don’t, chances are your judgement will be incorrect.

What you do does not define who you are!

You are defined by who you are as a son or daughter of God!

John 1:13 Who owe their birth neither to bloods nor to the will of the flesh (that of physical impulse), nor to the will of man (that of a natural father) but to God. They are born of God!

Your success in this life and with God begins with knowing who you are as a child of God. The knowledge of who you are and how you have been created is fundamental to your maturity and success as His child in this world.

Please take some time and imagine yourself as righteous and pure and holy in His sight. Imagine yourself as you would be in heaven. What does Jesus look like now? If you look like Him, what do you truly look like? Read Revelation Chapter 1.

To be continued …

Lots of love ❣



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