Heavenly Throne 25

In Jesus’ right hand He holds seven stars. What are these stars and how do they relate to you and to the Church?

Jesus reveals that the seven stars are the seven angels of the seven churches.

Many commentators are of the opinion that the angels represent the pastors of those churches. There is a clear distinction between the word pastor and angel, which means messenger, in Scripture. Personally, I think there is far too much of a “spiritual hierarchy” in the church and this has greatly diminished our involvement with the beautiful mysteries of heaven. Also, if we are going to interpret these angels as being pastors then we would have to keep the same interpretation throughout the rest of Revelation. I believe Jesus is referring to real angels that have been given specific assignments to minister to, to help and protect the churches they are assigned to.

I also think they are different to the seven spirits that are before the throne, but more about them when we get there.

Heaven is full of angels and they have God given assignments in heaven and on earth. All throughout the Old Testament you see angels interacting with people and fighting on behalf of Israel. An angel (not a pastor) appeared to Zacharias and told him about the son he and Elizabeth were about to have. Zacharias SPOKE back to the angel! The disciples mistook Paul for his angel. How do you mistake someone for their angel?

The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and spoke to her about Jesus. She also spoke to the angel. Then there were shepherds watching their flocks at night who heard the angels singing and the angels told them about the birth of Christ. The wise men “saw His star in the east!” Let me challenge your thinking here a little bit. How do you follow a star in the heavens to a very specific place on earth? You can see Orion in both the northern and southern hemispheres. How would you know which hemisphere to even look in? What if the “star” the wise men were following was not a physical star in the heavens but rather His angel? Jesus has an angel that is His personal angel.

We all know that children are born and have an angel assigned to them. By the way, this angel never leaves you until you leave the planet! You have an angel assigned to you and he has a function to minister to you, to help you, and to protect you. For now, you may not be aware of your angel, or angels, but as you grow into the mysteries of heaven you will become more conscious of them.

Now, if people have angels assigned to them, why would we think that He would not have angels assigned to assist in the administration of His church? If angels could bring messages to people in Scripture, why could they not bring letters to the elders in each church? I think we miss so much because of our religious indoctrination.

Many of us have also been taught that you can’t speak to angels because that is worshiping them. Question, when I am speaking to you am I worshiping you? Of course not! We have been taught to converse with demons, ask their names, cast them out, etc., yet we have been forbidden to speak to the angels that have been sent to help us. Once upon a time I was under this delusion, but not anymore.

We need the angels and their participation with us if we are going to be successful in bringing heaven to earth.

Angels were involved with Daniel and his prophecies and in his book, we see the interaction of angels and demons in the activities over nations.

Angels play a huge role in the ministry of the church throughout the Book of Revelation. If they were not important then Jesus would not have mentioned them. But He does, and all sorts of angels or living creatures are revealed. It’s time to go up to heaven, to our rightful place with Jesus at the right hand of the Father. Heaven is full of wonder and beauty, but it is also full of angelic beings that run and administer the kingdom of heaven.

I am not advocating that you go seeking angels or praying to them. Prayer and fellowship is always towards the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. However, in your times of intimacy with the Lord He may well choose for the angels or other heavenly beings to join Him because they have a message for you. You may ask why Jesus does not deliver the message Himself. Simple, He is not boring and wants you to have wonderful heavenly encounters with Him and those in His kingdom. Don’t close yourself off to the wonders of how God chooses to interact with you. Don’t make these encounters your focus but be open and willing to receive them.

“For he will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will bear you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.”

I pray that the Lord opens the eyes of your heart through wisdom and understanding for you to be able to see and engage the wonders and the beauty of all that he has purposed for you in His heavenly kingdom. 

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