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Being “in the spirit” is a lot easier than you think! It is not some super spiritual spooky thing, but a simple stepping into the realm of the spirit through the gate called your imagination. Now, that does not mean there won’t be some really intense and wonderful experiences with visions, encounters and dreams. There surely will be but for the most part it will be encounters that happen by faith within you.

Jesus said that those who are born of the spirit can and do enter into the spirit realm. You have probably done this more than you know. Every time you imagine the Lord or something in His kingdom you are actually in the spirit realm. The spirit realm is closely associated with the soul realm so learning to distinguish between the two is important.

There is also a difference between the spirit realm of the Father, which we will call the third heaven, and the heavenly places, which for ease of reference we will call the second heaven or realm of the soul. The first heaven we will call the earth or this world. Hmm, that would also keep it in step with spirit, soul and body. Never actually considered them like this before.

The Spirit realm is the Holy Spirit’s domain. He is the One whom your spirit is joined to and through the Holy Spirit you are already connected to this realm. He talks to you from there. Jesus interacts with you and so does the Father from this Spirit realm. If you have ever heard the voice of the Lord or seen (imagined) His face you did so because you were “seeing in the spirit.”

Now, going into the spirit or the third heaven requires you to ascend. When Jesus ascended, He passed through the heavens, which I see as Him leaving the earth realm, passing through the second heaven and on into the third heaven to the Throne of God. This is the power of the resurrection – the ability to ascend into the presence of the Father. Or at least one aspect of the power of the resurrection.

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. He is the One that draws your attention away from that which is worldly or physical, into the thoughts or mind of Jesus, who then draws you or leads you into the presence of the Father. This is also the process of repentance, which means to take on another mind. To repent means to turn your mind away from that which is of natural understanding, into the way Jesus thinks and then onto the full knowledge and ability of the Father.

Repentance and resurrection (or ascension) work together. As you repent from dead works, which are nothing more than a worldly way of thinking, feeling and reacting, and engage, hook and link your thoughts and emotions to those of the Lord, which are His ETERNAL judgments concerning you, you will grow up in Him until you find yourself more at home and comfortable with His Kingdom and all that the Father does. As you mature you will begin seeing things from their true perspective, which is from heaven, and when you do the truth that is in Jesus will set you free from every worldly sin or entanglement.

Note on judgement: A judgement is a judicial decree that has been made by a judge in a court of law. It is a judgement that is in favour of one and against another. At the cross eternal judicial decrees were set in place, where we were found NOT GUILTY and Satan was found GUILTY. The judgement, or punishment, for our sins took place in the body of the Lord when He was crucified. Because He bore our punishment, there is no longer any punishment left for our sin, hence the NOT GUILTY verdict. If we are still being punished for our sins then the cross was not sufficient, and Jesus died in vain. When Jesus rose from the dead and presented His blood for the purification of sin, this new judicial order or judgment became official and we are ETERNALLY declared to be righteous in His holy presence.

Remember the flow – from the spirit, through the soul and into the body. (Spiritual, mental, physical)

The blood of Jesus is the verdict that purified you from all sin and set you free from it. This is an ETERNAL decree which was put into effect at the resurrection of Jesus from the dead but was decided on before the world began. There is an ETERNAL decree regarding punishment for sin, but it is not ours. This judgement or decree is for the Devil or the Accuser. He has been condemned to eternal punishment.

There is a lot to say on this subject, but it will be for another time. For now, REMEMBER that you ARE ALREADY seated in heavenly places with Him. This is not a future reality, it is now, it is eternal. it is a spiritual reality which our minds and bodies are in the process of conforming to.

Coming back to being in the spirit. Every time you go into prayer or you think upon something Jesus said you are engaging your soul with the spirit realm. Prayer should be about intimate moments in your imagination where Jesus is drawing you up into heaven. At the same time though you are also drawing Him into your soul. This is called becoming one, which is the mystery of marriage, and as you become more and more engaged with one another, it will touch and transform your body till it becomes transfigured, just like Jesus’ on the mount of transfiguration.

If we are going to do all the things that Jesus did and greater works than He did, we have a lot of growing up to do, but what a wonderful creation we are growing into. Lord help us to do this!

The calling of the Lord is a high calling, filled with mystery and intrigue, suffering and reward. It crosses every sphere and dimension He has created. He calls us to sit with Him upon His throne, to rule in the midst of our enemies and to restore all of creation back to Jesus and into its new magnificent glory. You are an important part of God’s great plan and purpose and this is why you are here.

I pray you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and heed His call to “Come up here! Come into the realm of the Spirit and take your place!”

Next: The voice of the trumpet …

Scripture references: Rev 1:10; Eph 4:9-10; Heb CH 6-9; Jn 14:12; Phil 3:13; Heb 11:35

Have a spiritual day! 😊


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