Visions and Dreams

As we go into this journey of being enchanted by and with the Lord Jesus I want to share with you a little nugget about the word vision. In Acts 2 the Lord poured out His Spirit upon the disciples and one of the signs that He said would be a part of the new believer’s life in the Spirit would be that of visions and dreams.

In this context, visions and dreams means to have divinely appointed appearances, whether you see them internally or externally. These can be experienced when you are awake or when you are asleep. In short, Jesus wants to appear to you.

Right now, more and more believers are having encounters and experiences with heaven, angels, and the Lord Jesus. These are wonderful testimonies, and if you are like me, they stir up the desire to also have encounters and have the Lord appearing to me. This is a promise that is for all God’s children and He is no respecter of persons. This means that it is His desire for you too.  I don’t know about you, but these testimonies make me jealous. And so, it should, because without desire we will not exercise faith for it to happen to us too.

Jesus said that He would pour out His Spirit upon ALL flesh, male and female, old and young. Everyone would prophesy and have visions and dreams. I used to have an issue with dreams being for the older folk (although God does not say how old, old is) as some people think that if you’re over 50 you’re old! Be that as it may, I asked the Lord about this once and He said dreams are more complicated than visions as they need wisdom and understanding to interpret. Older people have more wisdom and understanding and therefore have a better ability to interpret 😊. (I am not saying this is always the case, but I like it. Having thus said, I want both visions and dreams!)

The point is you too have the Holy Spirit in your life and all you need to do is to desire visions and dreams, ask and use your faith to receive. Enjoy your life with the Lord. Set your heart to be with Him and enjoy your experiences with Him – He will do the rest and will visit with you too.

Scripture References: Acts 2:17

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