It’s all about WORDS!

Laodicea 2

It is all about words! Have you ever noticed that the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ is all about Words? It’s true!

I began with an introduction to the letter written to Laodicea. If you have not read it, you ca read it here.

The 7 letters

The last of the seven letters was written to Laodicea, the famous “lukewarm” church, however, it is important to note that each letter was meant for each church. This means that it was one letter to the churches split up on seven pages. Each of them needed each letter to get a full understanding of what Jesus is revealing to His church. It is also important to note that the church is connected to everything Jesus reveals to John about Himself. You will find that the rest of The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ connects to one of the seven letters, its angel, or its saints (YOU).

When this Book was written it had no chapters and verses. It was one long letter in which John records the vision the Lord gave to Him for His servants (you) to show you what is to come. This Revelation is as applicable to you today as it was back when John wrote it. This Revelation begins with Jesus and His church and ends with Jesus and His church. It begins with you and the Lord and ends with you and the Lord.

Jesus Reveals Himself as The Word

As with all the letters the first thing Jesus does is reveal some aspect about Himself to them. In this letter He introduces Himself, once again as THE WORD’S of Him who is the Amen. Everything about Jesus and how He reveals Himself has to do with WORDS. Jesus’ name in Revelation 19:13 is revealed as THE WORD OF GOD.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. John 1:1

It’s all about WORDS!

Everything about God, creation, and life has to do with WORDS and in particular HIS WORDS. And here again, in His letter to Laodicea, He is dealing with WORDS. Therefore, remember that every time the Lord wants to do something with you, He will do so with WORDS, and He will be addressing YOUR WORDS with you because you are made in His image and likeness. You are as He is which means you are also a WORD, or a being whose creative power is in the words you speak.

In dealing with Laodicea, He will address this issue …

You say, “I am … rich, etc. (Rev 3:17)

Being lukewarm has to do with your conversation, especially your inner conversation with the Lord and it is here, in your secret, personal, inner world that Jesus is going to appear to you and if necessary, have a somewhat heated conversation with you.

Jesus’ Intent

And He has a very personal intent in mind when coming to deal with your words, which includes thoughts and emotions, because as one of His saints, or maybe I can say, “His little Word” you are destined to sit with Him on the Father’s throne. But to sit on the throne means there are some serious word issues that need to be dealt with.

Jesus is calling you heavenward, to a great and glorious throne, but are you willing to engage in some serious conversation with Him and change the way you speak and act?

I am sure you are!

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